Adopted By Simon Cowell

Hi My name is Bella I don't have a family , I'm in the orphan also I am 17 and as you can see I'm quiet shy and also when you get to know me well I am very bubbly. Well that's everything about me and I'm kind and also I'm Girly Girl .

*What Happens to Bella , Will some one famous adopt her Read to find out*


9. Meeting Allison Zayn's second sister

*Allison POV*


Hello Guys , I am Zayn Malik's little sister that what he calls me even I am 19 so yea the same as my other sister I don't see her that often because we got spilled up well I introduce myself to you shall I ...... 


Name : Allison Shaye Malik


Age : 19


Personality : Edgy(Style) , Sweet and Brave


Hobbies : Singing , Writing , Guitar , Acting and Art


Eye Colour : Brown


Hair Colour : Blonde with blue tips (A/N Sorry only found black tips)


Favourite boy-band/Singer : 1D , Demi Lovato , Katy Perry and Little Mix 


Favourite Colour : Purple , Teal and grey


I was now packing my bags because my mum wants me out of this house because I am not the kind of daughter she wanted me to be so now she want me out the house and go and live with my brother and my other sister Katie I love her and I finally get to see her again after 10 months , I finished packing and saw my mum drinking again , I got everything and slammed the door and I got into my car and started driving and I text Katie before and she texted me back with the address they are staying at.


I going to love it there because they is going to be me , Katie , Bella were going to be all good friends I hope so because I gotta kind crush on Liam Hope he is still single. **Skip Car Ride**


I arrived and I knocked on the door and Katie Opened up and I hugged her and said " Did Mom kick you out please come in and meet Bella your other sister I know 3 sisters LOL". "Thanx Sis". I said and came in and she took me to the living room where all the boy's and I spoke up and said " Hey guys meet my other sister , yes Zayn mum hasn't told you , you have 3 sisters me , Bella , and Katie". 


 I looked around an stopped at a photo of me , Katie , Bella , Mum , Dad , Zayn I went over and picked up and started crying and I ran upstairs.



And the was a knock at the door and Harry went and opened it and it was ............



A/N Who do you think it is ?  comment for who you think it is ?  Find out it the next chapter xx



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