Adopted By Simon Cowell

Hi My name is Bella I don't have a family , I'm in the orphan also I am 17 and as you can see I'm quiet shy and also when you get to know me well I am very bubbly. Well that's everything about me and I'm kind and also I'm Girly Girl .

*What Happens to Bella , Will some one famous adopt her Read to find out*


12. Job At Nandos! x

*Bella's POV* 


After I left the hospital I did not speak to Louis , Look at him and I will not known how to forgive him ever after what he has done to get shaila back to the house and living with us why can't he go and live with his girlfriend. We arrived home and I got changed into this : 

I was going to go and find a job at Nandos I can't wait , I got into my car ignoring the boy's and went inside my car : 

I then stared driving to my favourite place to work and I hope I get a job in there because then I am next to the boy's and I won't be in danger , I finished driving and parked my car , I got out and locked it , I entered the shop and saw a lot of cute boy's but I am Niall's Girlfriend and also when I started walking to the cashier the boy's over the back of the shop and kept smirking at me , I am scared now.


When I asked the manger this :  " Hello My name is Bella Malik Cowell , have you got any jobs for me if you have I would like to work here please if possible". Then the manger looked up at me and I couldn't believe it , it was my grandma that I haven't seen in many years because she lived all the way in America and she looked at me and said " Bella is that you , How are you? and of course you can have this job but your not serving them stupid boy's over the who keep staring at you"."Don't worry Nana I can mange if they try anything I kick here sorry A$$".


I started walking in Nandos and I done all the tables was full off people , but the boy's went but waited at the other side of the road , I thought a Second maybe they going to try something oh well , I finished my work , I checked the time on the clock and it is 12 at night and I said " Nana I'm going home now , and don't forget to pay me now". "yes dear here , this for you shift today £600 thank you". I got the money ,  hid it somewhere nobody will find , in my phone case. 


I left Nandos and I started walking to my car but someone grabbed my wrist and it was the same boy's that kept watching me in Nandos and I shouted " GET OFF ME YOU FREAK". " No until we have your sexy body". I tried struggling  out of his grip. He lifted me up and left , I saw the boy's with worried faces and I looked at them weirdly.  He took me down the ally-way and he ripped all my clothes off , he pulled his pants down and started raping me and I was crying and he finished then kicked me in the face and stomach and left there.


I tried standing up and put my clothes on , and I walked to my car and started driving , I arrived and the lights were still on  , Oh I hope Niall is not awake , I unlocked the door and saw everyone in the living room and I crept quietly into my room and it was successful and I put my pyjamas on : 

  I put it on and I went and sat down the couch and I heard my phone ringing and the boy's looked at me because I had cuts on my leg and bruises and I just got raped and lost my virginity , I answered and I looked the Unknown Number and I answered it (this is the phone conversation) : 


B= Hello who is this ? and What you want?


Person = Come alone to ally-way come alone I got Your ex-boyfriend




P= LITTLE BITCH COME ALONE OR YOUR EX IS GOING TO GET IT. then he ended the phone conversation .


I rushed and put my jacket on and  to the boy's even Niall " Guys when I tried going home , a guy grabbed my wrist and I got r-r-raped  by him I-I-I Lost my v-v-vrignity". When I finished telling the boys I broke down crying and fell down onto my knees and cried and Niall came over and hugged me and rocked me back and forth and I said again " We have to save my ex please and if I shout come ok". Everyone followed and got into my car. 


**Arrived at the ally-way**


We have arrived I got out and walked to the guy and I said " Give me my best mate back". " Never you came alone and I want you and then my ex called Zac said " Bell don't do it please I be fine". and I looked at him sad eyes and I screamed all the 1D boy's came and punched the hell out of the bad guy and the police saw and arrived and took the man and Niall hugged me and kissed my cheek and I help Zac up " You ok and do you need a place to stay". He nodded shyly and I grabbed his arm and followed me to the car so did the rest of the boy's they went back to the back and Niall was in front and Zac was in the middle of Harry and Zayn and he looked un-comfortable and I said " Zayn , Harry stop looking at him , for fuck sake".


We arrived at home and I showed him the guest room and I said " We will go shopping for you tomorrow ok". I kissed his forehead and I went to Niall who was waiting at the door frame and I said " When we split up , he been acting like my big brother before I met Zayn". He nodded , I went and lied down on my bed and Niall came and put my head on his bare chest and he played with my hair , I fell asleep really fast.


**Niall's POV*


I Love how Bella sleeps she is the most important girl I ever met we went on dates and I think I'm ready to get married with her I might did it tomorrow afternoon so , tomorrow morning I let the boy's know.   A/N sorry for the short point of view



A/N Hey there  ,I am sorry if I haven't updated in ages been busy , well I updated now YAY so please remember Kik me : ErikaBiersack15




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