Adopted By Simon Cowell

Hi My name is Bella I don't have a family , I'm in the orphan also I am 17 and as you can see I'm quiet shy and also when you get to know me well I am very bubbly. Well that's everything about me and I'm kind and also I'm Girly Girl .

*What Happens to Bella , Will some one famous adopt her Read to find out*


1. Introduction to Bella

Hello My name is Bella , I don't have a family they kicked me out when I was 4 years old but a kind woman found me and took me to an Orphan I am Now 17 I wish I will get adopted by someone famous.  I just want a family who will love me and not throw me out.


Name : Bella Cowell


Age : 17


Personality : Kind , Caring , Funny , Bubbly , Loveable.


Hobbies : Running , Reading , swimming and many more


Favourite colour : Red and Aqua


Favourite singer/Boy-Band : One Direction , 5SOS , Avril Lavigne and 

many more.


Hair Colour : Dark brown


Eye colour : Blue


I woke to someone slapped me across the face , when I opened my eyes it was Molly who hated me when I first came into the orphan I never did anything to her , I don't know why she hates me. she yelled "The mother want's to see you downstairs into her office bitch". Even she is only 15 and I'm 17 so I'm older. I went to have a quick shower and got dressed into this : 

I skipped downstairs and knocked on the office door , feels like I'm in trouble , Then I heard a come in , so I went in and closed the door then I said "You wanted to see me". "Yes there is a guy coming to adopt children today so I want you and other kids best behaviour , that is all".she said while smiling , I left the office and Mrs.Cox came out and went to the door , I went over to the back table because normally nobody adopts me only the little kids. 


Then Mrs.Cox said " Children this is Simon Cowell he s here to adopt so please be polite , off you go sir". Simon went to all the children and asked questions and then lastly he came over to me and said " Hello Love what's your name?". "Hello Mr. Cowell My name is Bella nice to meet you". I said very politely and then he got up and said "Wait here little love I be right back I promise". I saw him walking to Mrs.Cox and I stood up and walked to Mrs.Cox and said " Ms would you like some water". She nodded and I went into the kitchen and got her a glass of water.


I went back carrying it very carefully and giving it to Mrs.Cox and said "Here you go Mrs". she said "Thank you dear , go and back your bags your being adopted by Simon". I jumped of excitement and ran upstairs I quickly but neatly packed everything , clothes , make-up , shoes e.t.c. I didn't have a phone only my guitar I packed that as well and went downstairs and Simon I mean dad was waiting for me. "You ready sweetheart". "Ready as ever be dad". he smiled and got hold of his hand we walked out and saw a huge Limo.


My dad gave my suitcase to the man and we got in then started to drive , then dad spoke up and said " Tell me about yourself". "What would you like to know". I said giggling , "Everything love and oh almost forgotten here is for you an Iphone 5c , My telephone number is on there , office , home , and my clients". he said and nodded and said " Thank you well let me get started , Name: Bella , Age : 17 ,Eye Colour:  Blue eyes ,Hair Colour:  brown hair with mix red, Favourite Boy-band/Singers : One Direction/5SOS/Avril Lavigne , hobbies : Running , Reading , swimming and many more , Personality : Kind , bubbly , shy , funny when you get to know me and Lastly my favourite colours are Red and Aqua Blue". He nodded and hugged me and said "You don't mind that will live we my client's hope you don't mind and you will love them". I nodded.


We have arrived at my new house and it was huge , I love it but at least I got a family that will care for me and love me. We got out of the Limo and I got my suitcase and rolled it in while holding dad's hand and he shouted "BOY'S COME DOWNSTAIRS AND MEET MY DAUGHTER". I saw 5 boy's running downstairs and I saw Niall , Liam , Harry , Zayn and Louis and they said at the same time " WERE ONE DIRECTION". "I know who you are I'm a fan , By the way my name is Bella and I'm 17". I said smiling then Niall spoke up and said " I didn't know you had a daughter uncle Si". "I do know because I adopted her , come on love I show you to your room". I picked up my suitcase and got hold of it and went upstairs , all I could here that Harry and Liam say at the same time "WOW She is hot". I giggled and dad showed me to my room and I was shocked it was huge.


Bella's Bedroom : 

My Walk in closet : 



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