Adopted By Simon Cowell

Hi My name is Bella I don't have a family , I'm in the orphan also I am 17 and as you can see I'm quiet shy and also when you get to know me well I am very bubbly. Well that's everything about me and I'm kind and also I'm Girly Girl .

*What Happens to Bella , Will some one famous adopt her Read to find out*


5. Hanging out with the boys! pt 2

*Bella's POV*


I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs , I got up and went to have a quick shower because today I hanging out with the boy's because yesterday I went to bed ad we meant to hang out but I was so angry and my dad and I didn't feel like it. I got into the shower and washed myself also my hair , dried myself off and put my outfit on : 

I went downstairs and saw Harry cooking at the rest of the boy's were in the living room sitting down and chatting to my dad and at the same time on his phone and I said "Morning Harry , something smells good, what you making". "Well Making muffins , egg , bacon toast that everyone loves my cooking". Harry said and I nodded and one more thing I said to Harry "Would you like me to call the boy's for breakfast Hazza". 


He nodded and I walked in and said " Boy's and dad breakfast is ready come and get it". I saw that Niall was the first one to be in the kitchen and I giggled and he was eating his plate of food so did everyone else and I said " Dad when you leaving for your work in Egypt". "I leave hunny today after this breakfast going to pack then I'm off hunny why". He said "No reason Daddy going to miss you and I'm going to be stuck with 5 boy's". He laughed and got up and went upstairs , probably start packing.


I looked at the boys but Louis was not here I asked them saying "Where's Louis , he is the only one missing here". They looked around and then Zayn spoke up "He has gone to adopt a daughter".  I nodded and then a min we heard the door open because we were about to watch a movie , we turned and saw Louis with a little girl like 14 , Louis said " Every Meet my daughter called Shaila , she is 14 and please behave and been nice". 


I just rolled my eyes and played on my phone and all the boys looked at me then back to Shaila they got up and hugged and I as well got up and went to the back Garden and thought they will care about Shaila not me. *sigh's* 


Introduction to Shaila 


Hello Guys I am going to Introduce myself to you , hope you like me 


Name : Shaila Tomlinson


Age : 13


Personality : Loud , Shy , Weird


Hobbies : Singing


Eye Colour : Dark Brown


Hair Colour : Dark Brown as well


Favourite Boy-band / Singer : Justin Bieber , One Direction , 5SOS and Selena Gomez.  



My outfit : 

Still Bella's POV


I just sat here in the cold with a jacket is not making me warmer and as I looked in the window , I saw all the boy's laughing with Shaila but Niall wasn't I went up to the tree house and got the blanket and Pillow got down and layed down , I covered myself with it and fell asleep or unconscious.


*Niall's POV*


All of sudden when Shaila walked in everyone stopped doing what they were doing and ignored Bella , I went with the boy's so I won't be rude , I hugged her and we were laughing but I wasn't and I saw that Bella went outside and she is wearing a really short top and only a thin jacket , I was looking everywhere for her upstairs in the living room and kitchen , but I haven't looked outside and I saw her tiny body curled into a ball , she is unconscious OH NO , I ran to the living room but my coat on and the boy's looked at me weirdly and shouted "YOU IDIOTS YOU LEFT WHAT YOU WERE DOING WITH BELLA , AND STARTED TALKING TO SHAILA AND SHE IS OUTSIDE IN THE COLD UNCONSCIOUS". Everyone now had a worried face.


I ran outside and picked her body up and I put her body next to the fire and I hope it will Help her and the boy and Shaila looked at me with worried faces but I know girls like Shaila ,I said " Louis why don't you fucking take your daughter to her room and NOT Bella's understand because next to Bella's is Zayn's sister". He nodded guilty I looked for a pulse and I couldn't find one , I said again  " Liam I can't find her pulse". He looked worried and we got her and we drove to the hospital.




A/N Hey Guys will Bella be ok? , what would Louis do with Shaila? comment what you think.





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