Adopted By Simon Cowell

Hi My name is Bella I don't have a family , I'm in the orphan also I am 17 and as you can see I'm quiet shy and also when you get to know me well I am very bubbly. Well that's everything about me and I'm kind and also I'm Girly Girl .

*What Happens to Bella , Will some one famous adopt her Read to find out*


17. Hanging out with Best Mate Mazza X

**Bella's POV**


I can't believe yesterday Liam purposed to me on the beach also all the boy's were all the too see it , I got up and went to my closet and layed out my outfit today I thought I would to leave them out today it would be more quicker , I went inside the shower and took one really quick because I still need to wake up Mazza from her beauty sleep , I dried myself off and while I was in the shower I shaved where it need to shave and I put my outfit on this is what I wore : 

 I finished my make-up and I went to Mazza's room and she was already awake and she was wearing nearly the same as me but different shorts and colour top but same make up this is what she wore : 

I knocked on her room and said " Maz are you ready to hang out and look what Liam did yesterday". I showed her the purpose ring and she scream saying "OMG YOUR GETTING MARRIED , CAN I BE YOUR BRIDE-MAID PLEASE". I said " Of course you are Harry's little sister I wouldn't like to see Harry be sad when your sad as well". We started walking downstairs and saw all the boy's eating and then Louis shouted while laughing so where there boy's" BELLA YOU GOT A 6 PACK WHAT THE FUCK". "Yes Louis after working out nearly 24/7 so I did get a 6 pack well have fun were going to the park to have some ice creams". before we could go all the boy's followed then Mazza said " What you doing?". " Were coming with you as well we love ice cream and we love the parks". Zayn said and I looked at him weirdly , We started walking and arrived at the park and I ran but tripped up over a root and twisted my ankle , I tried getting up but it hurt to bad.


Zayn and Liam ran up to me and said at the same time " Are you ok love?". " I can I twisted my ankle this is not the best day so far". They helped me up and Liam carried my bridal style all the way to the hospital and then people on the streets giving us the weird look and I gave the weird look back and finally other people saw so they wouldn't dare to give us the weird look  , we have arrived at the hospital and Zayn said " Can we have a doctor because my sister Bella Malik Cowell I think twisted her foot". I looked and she was typing into the computer and she said " Ok take a sit in the waiting room upstairs the doctor should come in less than 2 mins". I nodded and went , we waited and finally the doctor came and Liam  put me down and I hopped after the doctor and he took lots of x-rays of my ankle and I had to sit on the bed , then he came in and said " Bella you have twisted you ankle so we have to put a cast on it ok". I nodded and they started putting a cast on my ankle.


I then said " Can we go for Ice Cream now , I'm only in my crutches please". Everyone nodded and we walked very slow for me and I nearly slipped but Thanx god Zayn catched me and he said while keeping his laughter in "You should be careful baby sis your going , we don't need to go to the hospital again". " Yeah Yeah I know come on let's go and Liam can you carry me please and Niall yes you can have a go at my crutches". I said and you thinking me and Niall hated each other well , we made up and he said sorry and I said sorry as well , We arrived at the Ice Cream shop and I asked for bubble gum on a chocolate cone and so did Liam we went and sat on the bench but Liam wouldn't let go of me and we waited for our Ice cream to arrive.


Me and Liam were talking about the wedding and I told him that I got the dress bought it and shoes , they finally came and gave me the ice cream and I leaned backwards and Liam moved his Ice cream to the side so I could Lean back and we talked for ages until it got dark and Louis said "When we go back home lets make a bonfire we got everything we need , so me and Harry also Niall we will go back now because we finished our Ice cream". Everyone nodded and I finished my Ice Cream , I then yawned and Liam said " You tired baby girl , lets go home then". He carried me all the way home and I fell asleep in his warm and safe arms.


**Zayn's POV**


I knew that Liam loved my sister because the way she looking at him she never do that will any boy and I got hold of Mazza's wrist and spun her around and she said " What you want Zayn". "Well I e-e-erm thought w-w-will y-y-you g-g-go on a d-d-date with me t-t-tonight if you want to".I said while stuttering , she crashed her lips onto my mine and we kissed passionate , she yawned so I carried her bridal style and she then minutes later she fell asleep.


We go home I put her on the first couch and Liam but Bella on the other couch and we went to the back garden and checked if Harry , Niall and Louis needed a hand it looked like they didn't need anything or an help because everything looked perfect.


**1 Hour later**


Bella and Mazza have woken up but something was strange with Bella but I don't know what it was and I said " I be right back going to check on my baby sis".  I want back inside and saw my sister making some coffee and I said "Why you not outside sis your making everyone worried".She jumped and hit her ankle with the cast at the edge of the table corner and she shouted "BRO DON'T FUCKING DO THAT".I never saw my sister like this ever. I went back outside and she came outside but before she did got dressed differently she wore this :


She came out and sat next to Liam and she cuddled up to him and we now were saying scary stories but Bella fell asleep so did Liam after Bella and they where covered with Bella's favourite blanket and I remember now that I gave her that Blanket when she was little she kept it and I whispered to the boys/girls "Guys and girls , right Liam and Bella fallen asleep so the boy's  and me will take Liam and the girls with take Bella change her into Pyjamas then I changed Liam's clothes into his pyjamas ok". Everyone nodded sis what they were told.


We got Liam into his pyjamas this is how it looked : 

Bella's Pyjamas : 



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