Living the Dream

Best friends, Ellie and Ashley, have the same dream. But they each only remember one different part of the dream. What happens when that dream comes true two days later?! Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1

          Ashley's P.O.V


It was just another normal day. Ellie was with me on our way to the university. Half way through the parking lot i noticed that outside of our apartment a giant tour bus was parked. We went to check it out. When we reached the door of the us we noticed that there was someone standing at the entry way. Ellie gasped, she was such a drama queen (lol). I wasn't paying attention to the person standing in the door way, i was to buzy giggling at Ellie. When i had looked at Ellie's face i noticed that she was in a state of shock; but why? I had then turned my attention towards the person in the door way. It was the Harry Styles of One Direction. Me and Ellie love them. He looked over at us and began walking in our direction.

{H=harry, M=ashley 'her p.o.v so i'm using me for her, E=ellie}




H:we need some help do you think you could lend us your phone? me and all the boys left our phone at the hotel.

M:sure. what's the problem with the bus?

H:it broke down

M:can i take a look?

H:i think we should call a mechanic to show up and fix it.

M:you don't need to i work part time at a car repair store so i know about this kind of stuff.

E:she's really good at it too.

H:okay, if you say so.(hesitant)

I took a look around the car before i did anything to the engine and i noticed that they didn't brake down they just had 2 flat tires.

Wait i don't work at a car repair shop and i don't know how to fix a car let alone a bus. I heard a loud buzzing in my ear. I suddenly found myself in my room. It was just a dream. Wait what was i just dreaming about again? Oh well it must have been good if it involved something to do with One Direction.

M: Ellie lets go we're gonna be late!


We didn't want to be late to university! On the way there i told Ellie about my dream and she told me she had a dream about One Direction too, but she can only remember that it was about them. Well its not like dreams that you have at night will come true.


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