Will it last forever?

I walked over to him. I smiled and kissed him. "Are you sure?" He asked. "Positive" I smiled. Luke Smiled and kissed me again.


1. Old phone

"I know he's going to ask you! Luke wants to come over and dance with you! Here he comes!" Kristina whispered in my ear. I blushed a little. And looked down. I looked back up and saw him with pink cheeks asking Kristina if she wanted to dance. I looked at her upset and ran into the hallway.

My eyes started to water. I heard footsteps coming. I knew it was her. Coming to apologize! Even though it wasn't even her fault. I turned around "Kristina you knew I liked hi-" but before I could finish I turned around and saw it was Luke. I was shocked. He blushed. 

"You like me?" He smiled.

"Just go with Kristina" I said as I turned back around.

He turned me around. "I'm sorry I just thought since we were bestfriends...you didn't feel the same way about me.." He said.

i didn't say a word. I just passionately kissed him. "I love you Luke Hemmings".

he smiled and kissed me. "I love you Angelina".

i giggled. 


I have just finished high school. I got out of my car and walked into Starbucks. I got in line. The one day I was in a hurry there was a line! I finally got to it and got my coffee. I walked out. I got back in my car and drove to my mothers house. I know a lot of kids say I'm moving out as soon as I can. I was almost about to moving out! Next year it was official. Because I'll officially be 18.

i walked in. "Hi mom" I said. I gave her the coffee. "Here...I'm going to go down to the basement to see if any of my stuff is there" I said. She nodded and drank her coffee.

i walked down the stairs. I hoped to the bottom. It was really dusty. A few spider webs. It was dark but some light was coming from the window. I flipped the light switch. The light was dim but still there.

there was a big pile of boxes. Then it caught my eye. A big box written on the side: JUNIOR YEAR.

i grabbed it and opened it. There was a journal, some clothes, a phone, and other junk. I opened the journal. Page 1: today I started junior year! I'm kinda excited I'm almost a senior! Then I get to live my life! I'm not that scared because I have Luke! My best friend. Don't tell him but over summer I started to get a crush on him.

i laughed to myself reading it. I smiled. Luke? I think I remember a Luke. Yeah blonde boy.

i opened my old cellphone. It was dead. I looked through the box. I found the charger. I walked back up the stairs.

"Find anything?" My mother asked.

"Yeah" I smiled and went up to my room.

i plugged in the charger than in my phone. I waited and waited for it to turn on. Then finally it did. I looked through my pictures. It started off with me and my mom. Then me and Luke. Then me and other girls. 

Then I remembered..after me and Luke broke up I stopped talking to him. I started to hang out with girls. Not with him anymore. But I had a lot of pictures with him. At the park, in bathing suits, at my house, at his, and everywhere. We did everything together! And then I stopped when I saw one of me and him kissing. 

People used to call us the brunette and blonde. He was the blonde and I was the brunette. I smiled. I went through my contacts. I found Luke's mom. I put it in my contacts on my recent phone. I called it.




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