Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are demi gods (children of gods and mortals ) but what if they had other powers too. read to find out about their adventures.


2. Wizards???


"Dumbledore wants to see you and Percy in his office after breakfast." said Hermione. "Okay I'll tell Percy." I said.(after breakfast) "Percy Percy PERCY!" I screamed. "Uh yeah." said Percy looking up from his cheese burger which he got added to the menu."Dumbledore wants to see us now." I told him. "Can I finish my burger." He asked."No," I pratically screamed "now come on." (in Dumbledores office) "Annabeth, Percy you are wizards."  "No we couldn't be Harry told us that you get your Hogwarts letter when your eleven we are thirteen." "Annabeth you ran away when you were seven and Percy I didn't even know where you lived or how to get you to king's cross station. But now you are here where you can attend Hogwarts. I can owl your mom and tell her." "But we can't read in english." said Percy. "We can get special books in greek."


Authors note

Sorry that this chapter was soo short I ran out of time to write.

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