Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are demi gods (children of gods and mortals ) but what if they had other powers too. read to find out about their adventures.


11. the room of requirement


I don't know what is wrong with me I tried to forgive Annabeth but at lunch I was still giving her the death glare all though at dinner I seemed to be in control of what I want to do what is wrong with me I need to tell someone Harry maybe even Annabeth I will ask them to meet me in the room of requirement tonight at 11.


I decided that I will tell everyone who noticed what is going on with Hermione to meet me in the room of requirement when Hermione asked me and Harry to meet her in the room of requirement.

Later That Night

In the room of requirement sits Me and Harry, Silena, Percy, Ron, Irene, Evelyn, Zia, Abigail, Mae, Liz, Fred, George,Ginny, and Neville. We are just waiting for Hermione.


I maneged to be in control of my body again tonight so I could meet Harry and Annabeth in the room of requirement. When I walk in I see everybody that I know 15 people all waiting for me! " Hermione do you know why everybody is here?" Asks Annabeth. "To figure out what in the world is going on with me" "Yes that is correct " answers Percy. I have never seen him look serious before. "If you guys are going to ask me I have no idea what is going on I don't know where I am sometimes or what I have been doing." I hear a horrified gasp from Ginny. " What is it Ginny" Ron cries. " Thats the same thing that happen to me when vol he you know who was possesing me." Says Ginny. We hear a bunch of oh no's around the circle till Annabeth yells enough, that seemed to quite everybody. " So now that we know what is going on with Hermione how do we stop it?" Fred and George ask in complete unison. As everyone debates what we do nobody notices me slipping out. What happened to being in control I ask myself.

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