Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are demi gods (children of gods and mortals ) but what if they had other powers too. read to find out about their adventures.


15. telling the gang


"Percy." I say " Uh huh." He says. " I think that we need to tell Harry, Ron and the rest of them that we're halfbloods and explain what we were fighting last week." I tell him. " Okay, HEY GUYS." he shouts." Not now," I hiss " we need more information first." " Hey Percy, Annabeth. Percy I heard you call what's up? " Harry asks. "Oh we just wanted you to sit with us." Percy replies. " And you wanted the whole great hall to know? He replies raising an eyebrow. " Well that's seaweed brain for you." I say. We decide to go to Dumbledore.We'll be going right after dinner. Until then we talk with Hermione jj

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