Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are demi gods (children of gods and mortals ) but what if they had other powers too. read to find out about their adventures.


10. in a months time


It has been a month since the fight well more like Hermione screaming at Annabeth and Annabeth seems more aggravated then usual p.s. I learned the word aggravated it's such a big word.She also has been hanging around some girl silena and a new friend named Zia who has long thick aburn hair and hazel eyes.Annabeth is etheir hanging out with people older than her or younger than her she should get some friends her own age like seriously. But watching her making new friends makes me miss my chum, my pal, my bff, my best friend Grover. Hey (his face lighting up) maybe he's a wizard too.


Hermione still hasn't forgiven me it has been a month. Boy can that girl holde grudges when today after herbology she runs up says I finally belive you then runs away and at lunch she acts like nothing changed she's STILL giving me the death glare, then you won't belive this after dinner in the domoritorys she acts like we are still best chums what is with her?


Somethings up with Hermione and I can tell Annabeth notices also I decide to ask her about it. "Annabeth wait up. " I yell as I run to her " Yes Harry." She says."Have you noticed anything weird going on with Hermione?" " Yes but here is not the place to talk about it meet me in the room of reqerment at 11 tonight.Bye harry" she calls over her shoulder.

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