Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are demi gods (children of gods and mortals ) but what if they had other powers too. read to find out about their adventures.


7. first day of school sort of


So great news I am all caught up on school work and we've figured out how to get us back.

Chiron (the camp-halfblood activites director) let us know that we are in England and that I will be a summer camper like Percy. Percy mailed his mom an owl and she said that that Hogwarts will be his new school. We also made friends with Harry Potter , Hermione Granger , and Ronald (Ron) Weasley. Harry and Ron  say potions is the worst class. Hermione says potions is a good class but the teacher is the worst. As me and Percy sit beside Harry , Hermione and Ron Harry leans over " We forgot to tell you who to look out for," he says, " look out for Draco Malfoy and his croonies and Proffesser Snape." " Thanks" says Percy with his mouth full of food. " Hermione come on we have charms in 5 minutes " I say. " i'm coming Annabeth." So as we walk to class Hermione is telling me about charms and what we do there.

After dinner

After dinner me and Hermione decide to do our homework together and as usal (at least thats what Hermione tells me the boys object) Harry and Ron asked Hermione to do their homework for them and got Percy to do the same unbeliveble. Unfourtunaltly Hermione forgot her charms book and has to use mine. " Annabeth what is this writing I have no idea what this says" she said. I gulped i see her waiting for an answer and I look over to Persy who of course is completley oblivius to what had happened. Hum ... I think to myself tell Hermione and risk her getting hurt or not telling Hermione and losing my new friend which to pick they both sound terrible to me. I can also be a coward and just take my books and run off. But if i choose the coward option i wouldn't be a griffindor would I. I choose to tell her about what I am but how will she react?

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