The Girl of Flowers The Love story Of Florsha and Zeus

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  • Published: 17 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 17 Feb 2014
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It's a story I wrote for mythology class and it came out good.


1. The Girl of Flowers

 Florsha was a young girl full of misery and sadness . Her husband Malverez constantly kept her hidden , some say it was well desired as others such as neighbors Orlando and Jackson were constantly trying to take her away from Malverez . The bad part was that either one of the two would have been a better choice than Malverez . He was brutal and his mood was constantly changing from affectionate to harsh .

Florsha did have friends though who she constantly kept close to her Mimi and her religious friend Augusta despite her abusive realationship with Malverez .

One night in deep sadness over her situation she ran away and after a long run she fell face first into a pitful of flowers , covering her beautiful and firm body in it . From Olympus the God Zeus looked down and seen her in tears , he noticed her in all of her beauty . Hera was sleeping from a long day of work with her husband and Zeus decided to go to Florsha and see her upclose . Zeus knew she loved the wildlife and decided to turn himself to a monkey . Florsha was in great dispair until she  saw the monkey that had the most wonderful fur and lovely face . The monkey took her next to a tree and offered her his hand to go swinging on the vines . The minute she took his hand  Dryads came out in all their beauty as Zeus and Florsha swung . Florsha knew the monkey had to be a God and was a little fearful of what was to come . Zeus the monkey said A thousand hearts couldn't replicate my love for you and I came to your aid as you were almost crying a flood of tears . I am here to take you to a land far away from here to be away from your problems .

Florsha was sad and said "You are a mighty God and I do want to go but I owe myself to my husband no matter what and I will miss my friends to . Zeus made an oath they would come with her and they did , even Malverez . Malverez was angriest to see a God in love with his wife but then honored but then mad again and in his rage tried to cut the God with a branch . Zeus grabbed him and said I made a deal you would come here with your wife and so you shall stay but you shall not be as mean as you once were . Zeus striked him with thunder but instead of it burning him it lifted him and transformed himself into a large part of the sky . Florsha asked what happened . Zeus said he shall stay but as the weather and he can't hurt you . Zeus told her friends that they all would be close together forever with Florsha as the Queen .

Florsha was in love with Zeus for his deed and rewarded him . The next morning Florsha was pregnant with what Zeus promised would be a boy .

Hera had woken up and overheard Zeus telling her that and put a spell on Florsha's baby boy . When Florsha's baby was born he looked old and overtime it was noticable that he was forgetful . She still loved him and called him Damentus . He became an outstanding warrior despite his flaws and became King later with a young maiden girl named Callia who sang so beautiful animals came .

While Damentus was famous he still owed everything to his mom and combined their names to name the land Florida. Now the eldery and tons of animals come to Florida. Florsha is long gone now but even to this day whenever Zeus comes close to her resting place the weather changes rapidly.

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