1. Chapter 1

I was walking down the streets whit my gurls on my side, we had been in the city for God know how long. But what i know is that we maybe have buy like 3 ton with cloths form Victoria Secrets, Forever 21, Nasty gale and lots of other shop And now we are heading to starbucks to just relax my foots is killing me like hell now. Note to myselfe Dont were heels when you know that you're is supposed to walk all day

we are now in starbucks with our drinks and some cookies or whatever you call it. I had some strawberries shake and the girls had also some other fruites shake. We just sat there and talk and laugh verry loud, so loud that the hole Starbucks can hear us but we dont care! We love it. I look out the window and see some gang with boys walk past our spot. I also notice all of them are really fit with muscle and WOW WAIT A MINUTE IS THAT A 8 PACK DAAAMMM!!!!

I see the girls also look at them and they just stop infront of us just wave at us MOTHERFUDQE THERE IS 5 SEXGOD RIGHT INFRONT OF ME and The Girls BUT AAAAAAAHHH OH MY GOD!! Is this a dream? HOLY SHET! SLAP ME AND SEE IF THIS IS A DREAM HOT MAMA ASS ( A slang we use in Norway ass) One of the boy with hot drity blond hair fit as Hell like his Hot Hot Dam god friends Walking to the window and he knock on it make me came bak at the reality. Yeah i was in dreamworld dreaming about me and God Dam He know what I was doing with them... and the girls was there also he he he...

They all walk in an sat at our table and begin introduce them selfs "Hey" one of the boy with black hair Brown eyes said "Hiiii" me and the girls said back "I'm Nick these are my friends and brother" a boy with green eyes and brown hair said and hiss Australian accent are so hot " Hi I'm Fred Nicks brother" a guy that look like Nick just a little older with brown hair and grey ish eyes said. We said hi back to him also " I'm Kaveri or Kave" a guy with dark brown hair with blue eyes said with a American accent "I'm Walt" the boy that knock the window said and I can see now that he has grey ish green eyes With American accent too "and I'm Brad" a guy with brown hair brown eyes said with British accent looking directly in my eyes BAM!!! I was now in love and jealous of his perfect teeth when he smile and I was also in love with his smile Oh my god

"Hey I'm Lilly nice to meet you guys" Lilly said and flick with er dirty blond hair that made her blue eyes pop out more "Heya" the boys said in unio. "I'm Margaret" Marg said smiling at the boys, she have always been the shy one so yeah... "Hi" nick said and his eyes light up wow something between over here! All the boys said hey after and Fred poke Nicks arm to mock him boys. "Ray here" Ray said and the boys great her back

"And what's you name beautiful" Brad asked me while he have me his sexy smirk dam I want him now and those teeth how the fuck did he get so amazing teeth? I want to know now how he got so fine looking teeth "well I was just born with it Love" he said to me out if no where wtf " you said it out loud that you want to know how I got so fine looking teeth honey" dam his accent is hot as hell "oh" was all I said to him "Rose, Rosemarie" I said proud of myself I have always love my name and will always do it ! What ya think bitch? I love my name and you can't do noting about it!

Note: u liked it? Let me know please 😋 if it's some wrong gramma tell me and I fix it, I don't usually write in English in daily based... I'm from Norway that's why it will be some wrong gramma spelling but I try my best and write an awesome story to you guys 😜 bye and comment what you think 😘

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