Real To Me

The story of the struggles a girl has because she has imaginary friends in high school.


1. Chapter One

   "What do you think, Megan? Should I ask him out myself, or wait for him to ask me out? I know he likes me and-" I'm cut short by Megan, one of the two people I trust most.
   Calm down! He's going to ask you out soon enough! Just calm down! she shouts, a little too loud for my taste, her long blond hair waving side to side in her usual ponytail. She never has her hair down. I can't even imagine her hair not in a ponytail or braid.
   "Ok. I'm just worried that he won't by the dance. It's a huge deal to have a date to the dance, and maybe if I do, I will be teased less. You know that people tease me already." I ask worriedly, talking extremely fast. I talk very fast when I'm nervous, worried, excited, etc.
   Who freaking cares what they think! We are all awesome and that is that! yells my other imaginary friend Violet. Count on her to say something that makes you feel better and makes you laugh. Her bright blue eyes twinkled slightly as I laugh at her comment. She's wearing her black nerd glasses as usual, which bring out her eyes.
   "Yeah. You're right. You guys are awesome, and you're my friends, which makes you even more awesome!" We all start laughing at my comment and continue walking.
   We're walking down the hall to our first period class. Everyone around us is giving us weird looks, as if we're crazy. Well, more that I'm crazy. They think that I'm insane for having imaginary friends in high school. Oh well. Not my problem. At least my friends are real friends, not fake friends that talk behind my back every chance they get, like everyone else's friends.
   We get to our first period class, and sit in our normal spot in the back. Violet and Megan sit in the back  of the room in the desks reserved for the "trouble makers." We continue talking for a little while, until the bell rings, signalling the beginning of class.


   Oh my god! He made such an fool of himself! What was he trying to do anyways? asks Violet, above the after school clamor. School was over, and we were heading to my locker to get our stuff. We weave or way through the people crowding the hallway, hoping not to be noticed by anyone that would bully me.
   We were almost to my locker when someone tripped me. I don't know who it was, but they made me fall into Nicolette, the school's biggest slut. I swear, she has slept with almost every guy in the school.
   "What the fuc-" she yells, suddenly stopping when she sees it's me. Then she gets louder. "You insane little bitch! What's up with you? You think that your going to get away with this? You're not! I'm going to make you life miserable!"
   I respond with "Like I care," and head to my locker once more.
   I seriously don't care though. I have no friends besides Megan and Violet, so there's no one who can leave me, and if they try to hurt me, it will be them lying on the ground, not me. And I've gotten used to the verbal bullying, so no problems there.
   We finally make it to my locker with no other confrontations. We all grabbed our stuff and headed to my car.

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