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You having trouble with a cover, or want a review on you're book? Is it a good book with a bad cover? Well, you've come to the right place! You can get both done in a flash! I'll right a chapter for each, and then, I'll make sure that you have a movella that will be good, and have an awesome cover. I just want to make it clear that I only read green rated books, and no fanfics!


6. Book review: Teenage runaway by ShaniaMalik

The book is of to a good start. It really draws a reader in, and even though I'm not really a 1D fan myself, it was a good start, and really left you hanging on a cliff. I think it is a smart idea to have her as Harry's sister, cute relationship, family can really bring out the love in families. You may have someone who doesn't seem like he has much heart, but they will do anything for their family. Overall a great story for any 1D fans. Good job! My favorite character is Harry, because I can already see how much he cares about his sister Gemma. 

1-10 rating: 7 1/2

people may be interested in this book if they: <3 1D

Rating: Green

Status: In progress

Genera: fan fiction; 1 direction

Thanks for a good book once again! 

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