Whos Laughing Now?!?!?!

Amabelle was the girl who sat alone in the back of the class room. She was the girl who got bullied. Amabelle hated her bullies Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn.

Now she's Victoria Secrets #1 model, Miss. America, and runner up for Miss. Universe.

What happens when her BFF, jake, tells her about a school reunion. She gets to show her old bullies a.k.a One Direction, that she isn't that loser they thought she was.


2. Intro

"Ami you have a Highschool Reunion" Jake said. All the terrible memories flooded back to me


**Flash Back***

"Nobody could love an ugly, fat, bitch, like a thing like you. So fat, are you even human?" He taunted me. I can't handle it any more I just ran to the bathroom. And I cried my eyes out. I pulled out the pills that I always keep in my pocket and swallowed them. 

***End Of Flash Back***

Well some nerd found me soon so I got rushed to the hospital and they put me in a treatment center. We'll, this is the perfect time to get back at One Direction. "Obviously I'm going" I said, smirking. "Are u sure?" Jake asked. He knows what happened. "But searously girl, u r gonna rock that reunion," he said, ya he's gay. But awesome. 


So I have brown eyes, brown hair. I am Victoria Secrets Top Model and Miss. America. Ya I live in the UK but I moved to America for the pageant. My BFF is Jake and I was bullied by One Direction when I was in high school. Well that is me. 



my little unicorns its Allie. Give me ideas and comment if u want 2b in the story biiiiiiiiii

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