Myth of the Fey

Aria has been running for almost a year. Her family is dead and she has no one to turn to. Demons have been after her for years. She just wants to be left alone. But when she meets a young man named Tyler, who she is inexplicably drawn to, will he get hurt like everyone else? OR will he be able to help her?


10. Chapter 9

Cadewyn led us down several flights of stairs to a room I had never seen before. The walls were lined with jars and vials and other potion ingredients. The rest of the room was barren. As if it were a dungeon turned storage room.

When Cadewyn flicked on an old lamp, I noticed the singed floor. Decorated with droplets of blood, runes, and other things I didn't recognize.

"What the hell goes on down here?" Tyler asked, picking up a jar from the shelf.

"Don't ask questions and this will go a lot faster." Cadewyn replied, taking the jar from his hand and putting it where it belonged.

"I have a bad feeling about this Aria." Adriel warned. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye.

"I trust Cadewyn far more than I trust you." I replied, stepping further into the room. "How will this work?"

"I need Tyler to stand in the middle of the room." Cadewyn smirked and cut him off before he could protest. "It's not for anything terrible. I just need your blood."

Flint filled his gaze. "Why not Aria's? We're here to help her, right?"

"Most demons don't know I help her. The ones that do will know what I'm trying to accomplish here. Hopefully we get the right one to tell us what's going on."

"Hopefully?" Adriel echoed. The smirk widened.

"Relax, boys. I've done this before." She pointed at one particularly bloody stain.

When Tyler still hesitated, she rolled her eyes. "A little help here, Aria. They're your boys anyway."

I raised an eyebrow at the comment but turned to Tyler.

"Cadewyn has been helping me for years." I told him. "She hasn't steered me wrong yet." He sighed and stepped forward.

"Hand." She ordered. He held his hand out as she pulled a blade from her pocket, sliding it across his palm. I could see him trying not to show pain on his face as he watched the blood pour from his hand.

"What now?" He asked.

"Now," she smirked. "We summon a demon."

I could tell Adriel wanted to comment. But a look from me made him think twice.

"We need to do this fast." She pressed. "Are we ready?"

"Just get this over with." Adriel growled. "The sooner this demon is gone, the safer Aria will be."

"Control your angel Aria." Cadewyn dismissed his comment.

"I think you should wait in the hall, Adriel." I said. He looked at me angrily. "Now!" He gave me one final look and left to the hall.

"That was harsh." Tyler commented.

"Would you rather him be in here whining about this whole thing?" I asked.

"We are waisting time." Cadewyn snapped. I hadn't noticed her retracing runes onto the floor. "Now get ready. As soon as we begin the binding spell, her magic is going to go crazy. Tyler, keep her in check." He nodded.

What the hell was I getting myself into?

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