Myth of the Fey

Aria has been running for almost a year. Her family is dead and she has no one to turn to. Demons have been after her for years. She just wants to be left alone. But when she meets a young man named Tyler, who she is inexplicably drawn to, will he get hurt like everyone else? OR will he be able to help her?


5. Chapter 4

I was woken up at midnight to the sound of a crash. I sat up, instantly alert. A twinge of pain shot through my back where I hit the ground earlier. Tyler was already up and grabbing his weapons.

"What the hell could have gotten in?" He asked.

"It's not a demon." I said. "That's for damn sure." I pulled on my boots. "Either way they're not friendly and we need to get out now." I heard a gunshot and my hand tightened around the hilt of my dagger.

"Not before we get rid of them." Tyler said, producing a ball of fire in his hand.

"No magic." I scolded. "Whoever got in is human and probably doesn't know about it. You want to get rid of them. Do it the old fashioned way." The fire died down and he grabbed his hand gun.

"They're not getting out of here alive either way."

"On lookers can't know." I snapped, just as someone began to bang on our door. It fell to the floor, revealing three men. Their eyes glowed poison green.

I instantly went into defense mode. Throwing a dagger at one of them. The blade lodged itself into the mans neck and he fell to the floor with a sickening thud. Blood pooling onto the floor. An oily black color instead of red.

A gunshot rang out and a blinding pain shot through my arm. I turned to the man who fired but one of Tyler's bullets hit him before I could react. The last one came from behind and I plunged my blade into his chest. My wounded shoulder screaming in protest.

"These things weren't human." I pulled the dagger from his chest, spraying black blood. "How the hell did they get through the wards?"

"They're nothing I've seen before." Tyler agreed. "But the runes on out weapons seemed to work."

"We need to leave now." I grabbed my bag, running out the door. Tyler hot on my heels.

"What about your shoulder?" He asked, sliding into the drivers seat.

"Don't worry about my shoulder." I said. "I've gone through worse."

"Are you sure?"

"Just drive god dammit!" I gritted my teeth as pain shot my whole body.

"Where are we going?"

"Just get on the highway." Something didn't make sense. I'd had less pain with worse injuries.

The realization dawned on me that the bullet was laced with something else. Something I didn't recognize. I tried to say something to Tyler but the only thing that came out of my mouth was a gasp of pain.

"Aria?" The look on his face was filled with worry. "We need to get you help."

"My... phone." I gasped out. "Call Cadewyn." He pulled the car over and dug through my bag. I tried to focus on what he was doing but the world around me began to fade. "Cadewyn. Tell her what happened."

"Just stay with me Sunshine." I tried to smile at the nickname, but failed.

He took my hand and started talking into the phone. I tried to keep my eyes open. Voices mixed together and my vision slipped out of focus. Tyler squeezed my hand and I opened my eyes again.

"Cadewyn is on her way." He said, moving sweaty tendrils of hair from my face. "Please stay with me Aria. Everything's gonna be fine. You just gotta stay awake." I couldn't think straight. His grip on my hand tightened as the the pain became too much to bear. It became hard to breath as the poison spread through my body. I felt the familiar surge of magic and another face came into view before I lost consciousness.

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