Myth of the Fey

Aria has been running for almost a year. Her family is dead and she has no one to turn to. Demons have been after her for years. She just wants to be left alone. But when she meets a young man named Tyler, who she is inexplicably drawn to, will he get hurt like everyone else? OR will he be able to help her?


2. Chapter 1

People think there are only two sides to magic. Light and Dark. But it goes much deeper than that. Everyone has the potential to go either way. It just depends on how strong one side is. 

There are a few who question the strength of the other side. Some even go over. Thats just how things work. 

Then there's me. I don't get to choose. Either side I go to will go up in flames. I'm a Fey. Part angel, part demon. But I'm not any old Fey. I'm one of the strongest there is. Thats because I have something they don't, something deep inside me that is too powerful to contain. It terrifies me. 

I have a dark side. 

Now, I know what your thinking. So does everyone. Mines different. I'm a Fey of light, but if I don't keep my dark side under control, I'll go bad.

And when I say bad. I mean like, destroy the world bad. If I go dark side, I won't be able to control it. I'll hurt everyone I love. Everyone I've ever cared about. I already have. My family is dead because of me. Because of my power. Of who I am. 

No, I didn't kill them, but they did. Demons bent on harnesing my magic to take over the world. I managed to escape, but the rest of my family wasn't so lucky.

Now all I have is myself. I've been on the run for a year now. Taking odd jobs just to find places to sleep at night. Most of the time I dont know when I'll get my next meal. When I'm not mowing lawns or cleaning gutters, I'm killing demons who show up to snatch me. I've learned a thing or two about how to deal with them, but it's not enough. Being alone for so long, I thought I was going to end up caught sooner or later.

But I'm not alone anymore.

I was staying in a small town in Oklahoma, where I delivered the paper. Every morning I would go to a diner called Sherrie's and get breakfast before making my rounds. I became familiar with the regular patrons of the diner, which was everybody who went there. I had stayed in that town for four months and no demons had come to find me, which was the reson I never stayed in one place for long. Each day I would sit at the counter and talk to the woman who worked there.

Her name was Sally. She was a nice girl with sandy blonde hair and some nice looking brown eyes. She had a thick southern accent that gave the place a stereotypical, yet homey, feeling.

"The usual?" She would ask as a plopped down at my usual bar stool.

"What else?" I would reply. We would talk for a while about things going on in the town with the man who always sat in the stool next to me.

His name was Bobby. He seemed like a tough biker guy, with a scruffy beard as black as his hair and steel grey eyes. Now, he did ride a motorcycle and was a little cold at first, but, after talking to him once, you would find he was a nice guy. 

It was like that every day. A simple routine.

That is, until he showed up. 

It started out normal that day, I got up, got dressed and headed over to Sherrie's for breakfast. I went to the counter and saw a stranger in my seat.

"I tried to warn him." Bobby said when I gave him a questioning look. I shrugged and sat in the empty bar stool next to him. No one sat there anyway. 

"The usual?" Sally asked, cleaning a coffee mug.

"Yeah, sure." I answered, distracted by the stranger next to me. Sally smiled and left to get my order.

"So, what brings you to town stranger?" I asked him. He looked at me and my breath caught in my throat. Now, he wasn't gorgeous per say. But there was something about him. His chestnut hair fell down to nearly his shoulders and he had the most beautiful green eyes I'd ever seen. 

"You must be Aria." He said smiling. "The one this guy told me about." He pointed over his shoulder to Bobby. "Sorry for taking your seat." 

"It's fine. What's the big deal about a seat anyway?" Oh god did I actually just say that? What was happening to me? "So, what's you're name. Seeing as you already know mine."

"The name's Tyler." He said, holding his hand out. I hesitantly took it in mine. "And, to answer your previous question of what brings me to town, nothing really. Just wound up here. I'm a wonderer. A free spirit if you will."

"Wow, you're seriously describing yourself like that?" I said, rolling my eyes. I tried to stop the smile forming on my face. 

"Well what's a pretty lady like you doing hanging around here?" He asked, clearly flirting. 

"I guess I'm like you a bit. I go from town to town, find a job, and stick around until something drives me away." I explained. It was a reasonable answer. 

"No family?" 

"My parents died last year. I had nowhere to go so I just kept walking. Took the car and drove as far as I could go on a single tank of gas. I got into my parents bank accounts a while back and have been using that to get by while working odd jobs in each town I go to." I didn't know why I was telling him all this. I hardly knew him. He just got to me in a way I couldn't explain. I felt like I had to trust him. 

"What a sad life you live." Tyler sighed. 

"Like I need your sympathy." I joked. Sally placed my plate in front of me and I smiled my thanks.

"Did you hear 'bout what happened to Ms. Jamerson last night?" She asked, paying no mind to Tyler. 

"You mean the crazy lady who swears up and down she saw a space ship land in her back yard?" I asked. Sally nodded. 

"Now I'm interested." Tyler said, resting his head on his hands. "Tell me about this Ms. Jamerson." 

"Well, there's this old woman who lived down the street from here who was off her rocker." Sally began. "A few weeks back she ran from her house screamin' 'bout aliens. Sayin' she saw a space ship landin' in her back yard. She said they came out of the ship and stole her strawberry plants for testin'. The town thought she was bonkers and had her put in the crazy house." 

"So what happened to her?" Tyler asked. 

"She offed herself in her room. Wrote a note sayin' the aliens were comin' back for her if she didn't give 'em more strawberries. Crazy if I ever did see it." 

"That's too bad." I said. "Now the aliens won't get any more strawberries." Sally and I laughed. Everyone in town hated Ms. Jamerson. She was always screaming about something. The aliens were just what put her away. One time she grabbed me and yelled in my face that the apocalypse was coming because her tomatoes grew in funny. 

"Well it's one less crazy in this town." Sally said. ?

"Crap! I gotta head out." I said, noticing the clock on the wall. I threw some money on the counter and waved goodbye. 

"It was nice meeting you!" Tyler called as I rushed from the diner. Praying that what just happened would be the worst part of my day. 

I was wrong.

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