That Dirty Farm

Briar is a normal farm girl but, when her cousin Liam come to the farm with his friends everything changes for her. P.S. I wanted to make Harry taken for this book


1. The Farm Girl

Briar's POV:

I walked down the horse stable looking for my horse. I was an only child (well not really a child I'm 20) with no parents living alone in a farm. I have brown hair and eyes. But my hair has pink highlights. Before Liam and his friends came over I wanted to ride my horse. Once I found Prince I pulled him out of my stable and hopped on. "Let's go buddy" I whispered those where the words that Prince knew for him that meant let's ride. We flew across the barn yard dashing around the giant field. Even though I'm alone I love this farm! But it is nice to have some visitors sometimes. After about 15 minutes of riding I saw a car pull up. Liam!! I ran prince over to the car. Prince is afraid of cars so I got off him a little early. Liam got out of the car with 4 other boys. Wait was my outfit appropriate for this? Maybe, I had jean shorts and a button down shirt.. Sure. I took off my helmet and ran to li and gave him a giant bear hug. "I missed you Bri!!" He said you already know the boys, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall. Ugghh Niall was SUCH a hottie!!! ( I didn't say that out loud)

Niall's POV:

I really didn't want to go to this farm!! Farms are weird! There just so dirty! But they do grow food so that's a plus! But, really why would Li bring us here? It's weird! ( Kate here I can't get it off bold..) Then I saw Liam hug a girl. "That's his cousin" Harry whispered to me. That makes more sense, but I never knew he had a cousin. "You already know the boys, Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall" how did she know us? "Liam talks ALL about you guys!" "I'm Briar" "you guys can explore the farm and if you want to see anything or need food, just tell me!!" Obviously Louis ran over to the carrot farm, Harry went to ask Briar if there where any cats and Zayn just kinda walked around!

Briar's POV:

All the boys ran off to there little fantasies and Harry asked me where the cats where. But, Niall just stood there do you want to see any animals? I asked. And to my surprise he answered! "Chickens?" Sure I said grabbing his arm and pulling him into the chicken coop. He looked around but did nothing really. I had to mess around with him for a little, I grabbed a chicken and put in on his shoulder... "What the?" He started to say I couldn't help but burst out in giggles. My giggles scared all the chickens and they ran out of the coop. Niall started laughing and I kept giggling. "Good one" he said in a sarcastic voice. I ran out of the chicken coop Niall following me but I bumped into Liam! "Hi Li!" I said cheerfully he was not into it!! I did my best tiny (fake) smile. He grabbed Niall and dragged him away. Why couldn't Liam just let me be!?!?! I felt my face go red ( because I was mad) and I stormed off to my room I heard Niall's voice say, "wai.." But I guess Li didn't let him finish. I locked my door and sat on my bed. I slowly decide to close my eyes.

"Briar?" I heard someone knock on the door.W.. W... Who is it?" I said still tired. "It's Niall" the voice said. I immediately sat up, unlocked the door and opened it. "Listen," he started "I wish Li would let me be he acts like I'm 6!!" "Briar, um what's that?" Ni said. I looked where he was pointed it was under my bed. I grabbed a tiny pug out of underneath my bed "Cupid?" I said. I hugged my dog and set him on the floor. He started running in circles around Niall "Why hello there!" He said cheerfully." Wow it's really dark shouldn't you be going now?" I said. Niall frowned "After Li talked to me he took the mates and... And ...just left!" He said "Ni, it's okay!" There's plenty of room here!" "It's weird I just meet you I can't stay here!" He protested. I looked him in the eyes. "Really." I said slightly under my breath, I knew he was holding back. "Fine." He said " YAY sleepover!!!" I grabbed an oversized shirt (it was oversized for me anyways) and handed it to him "Here"

He ran into the washroom and I grabbed some footsies and changed. I surprisingly got changed quicker than him and decided to pick out a movie,

"So I guess we are gonna watch a movie. " he said "Yeah, I know EXACTLY what we are going to watch. " I pulled out a movie with a boy holding a bolt. "This is one of my all time favorite movies, I've read all the books to!!"

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