When Ava was born, a sudden gust of ice froze the nurses, and from that day on, everyone was in danger. But who knew that she would become the most dangerous person since hundreds of years? Who knew that nothing would ever be the same again? As Ava becomes stronger, nobody can stop her. Unless . . .

A Disney Frozen fan fiction.


3. Too Much To Handle

I stood up. My head was dizzy and I immediately fell back down again. "Groooooaaaaannnn." I was lying on the cold, wet snow, my bag next to me. "Olaf?" I said and started calling his name. There was no sign that a random talking snowman had ever come this way, not even a single footstep. Ugh, another dream. It must've been. How could I believe in something that stupid?

I stood up again, holding onto a lamppost to keep me steady. A cracked glass jug was lying next to the place I had fallen. I felt my head, and yelped. It hurt! My hand was covered in blood. "****** *******!" I yelled, or something like that anyway. I'd been attacked with a glass jug, that's why I randomly woke up to find myself on the floor. It was probably one of the kids on Instagram or Facebook. My anger caused miniature snow storms to form behind me. I aimed one at a shop, another at a house. I didn't care anymore.

Grabbing my phone, I checked Instagram. Sure enough, Kelly Starwoods, a girl from my class, had posted a picture of my lying on the floor with blood covering my hair. People left comments like "She deserves it for murdering her mother, that *****!" and "Ooooh, the slut got what she wanted!" I'd show them. Running to the park, I chucked a few snowballs at random people. "Hey, what do you think you're doing, you hooligan?!" they yelled. I just laughed. After a while, I realised where my body was taking me. The Starwoods Mansion, where Kelly lived. By the time I got there, the blood was already washed out by snow and the wound had healed because of my powers, but I was still furious.

My faced showed no expression. I closed my eyes and let my power control me. When I opened them, the whole thing was a mess. The windows were smashed, the roof was damaged badly, snow covered the beautiful gardens and the inside was an ice rink, as I could see through the window. It didn't look like a mansion anymore, it was just an ugly hut that nobody had lived in for a long time. I smirked.The car was gone, so I knew they were out. What a lovely surprise they would find! I decided to do one last thing. My hands reached forward and suddenly their floor and front garden were covered in sharp ice spikes.

































An old lady happened to be passing by at that moment, a baby in her arms. She screamed loudly, which brought more people out. They all started glancing around, looking for the source of all the commotion, so I had to get away from there before they saw me and called the police. I started running. I ran and ran and ran, until I could see my own house sitting there, so peacefully, not damaged in any way. I calmly unlocked the door, pretending nothing had happened, and walked inside. The hall was messy, nobody bothered to clean up my dad's cigarets nowadays, not even the maid that came once a month, although, I guess that's expected, because we didn't pay her a lot of money to do it, and she smoked herself, although gladly not inside our house. There were also piles of dirty clothes everywhere, and some chips and McDonald's happy meals that lay forgotten in a corner.

My dad had obviously gone out drinking again, because I couldn't hear a sound. Good, because I'd had enough. I grabbed the clothes and stuffed them into the washing machine, chucked the food into the bin, put on a pair of plastic gloves, picked up the cigarets and chucked them away too and stomped upstairs into my bedroom and pulled out a handbag. I put my iPad and iPod inside it. Yeah, I had cool stuff. But not because anybody cared about me. I shop lifted. And I was a great hacker, so I completely re-programmed the gadgets so that the store couldn't use the code or anything to find them.

I also grabbed some food and sneaked into dad's room. It was even filthiest there than it was in the hall! He didn't care much about room decoration, so everything was boring, and his covers were green with some kind of football team on them. He also had loads of football posters on his walls. Dad bet money on football teams for a living, and always came home with at least a hundred. He usually spent it on food and stuff, the rest on drinking, but if you knew where to look, you could always find something he'd forgotten about. I was lucky. At the back of his sock drawer, I found a £500 note, which would be useful. The last thing I packed was an old photograph. A photograph of . . . Mum. She was pregnant there, with me. Her eyes were smiling at she was holding an ice cream, half eaten. I sighed and stuffed it in.

I then decided to be a good kind daughter, and took the Hoover out of the cupboard in the hall. I hoovered the whole house and cleaned everything up, until it was spotless! I also dusted the shelves, desks, TV and stuff. I knew dad would be surprised, and I felt a bit bad for him. I mean, he would never see me again. But then again, I don't think he even cared about me anymore.

As I put the bag on, my phone vibrated. Something on Facebook. I quickly looked. Kelly had put up a photo of her ruined home, saying "You'll be sorry!" I laughed. Promising myself to remember that photo, I opened my front door, and stepped outside. The cold air whipped my face and I smiled as frost slowly covered my front garden. I was going to run away.

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