When Ava was born, a sudden gust of ice froze the nurses, and from that day on, everyone was in danger. But who knew that she would become the most dangerous person since hundreds of years? Who knew that nothing would ever be the same again? As Ava becomes stronger, nobody can stop her. Unless . . .

A Disney Frozen fan fiction.


6. The Hate

I stood there, taking in every brilliant detail. But the longer I stood, the more hate started building up inside me. Is it possible to have a wicked, frozen heart? Because that was exactly what it felt like, as I thought of all the people I hated, and all those that didn't care about me at all, including my Dad. Just as I was standing there and thinking, I felt something brush my shoulder. Twisting round like an arrow, I fell, somebody had tied up my feet! I tried to scream, but as soon as I opened my mouth, a cloth was stuffed in between my teeth, causing me to choke and stop! I tried using my hands to do something, but found that they were tied up as well, so I tried using my only defence strategy left. Ice. 

I created an icicle and aimed at the cruel hands grabbing my face, but missed, and got a blow in the head in return, causing me to pass out, caught and helpless, an animal hunted down, being taken somewhere to be slayed.

when I awoke, my hands were chained, and I was in a dark room, probably because it had no windows. I fumbled around in my bag, trying to find a torch, and as soon as I did, I quickly turned it on, and pointed it at my hands, gasping and dropping it on the floor. My nails were broken and grimy, most of them cracked completely, and my skin? Oh my goodness, it was black and purple from bruises, all over! They felt incredibly sore, and I realised I wouldn't be able to use my powers for a while, which was devastating! I quickly grabbed my phone to see if I had any other injuries, and almost fainted at the sight of my face! Completely covered in bruises, with a black eye and a couple of cuts.

anger bubbled up inside me and I started yelling for them to let me out, to leave me be! But of course, there was no point! This was just proof that people deserve to be punished, I hated them all! Just then, a door opened and somebody came in. It was a man with dark, dirty hair and a cruel, scarred face. He smiled at me, but it was an evil smile, not at all the kind you would like to see. "Hello, feisty! Don't worry about your pretty little face, the operation doesn't require you to be perfect!" he said in a harsh, gruff voice. 

"What operation?!" I snapped, spitting in his face. Wiping it away, he said "Don't spit at me, or I'll make it more painful for you! The doctors are going to take you apart to see how it is possible that you have powers, and I'll personally make sure that they start with cutting off your pretty little lips, and then take out your insides while you're awake!" My eyes widened, and I suddenly became very scared, it couldn't be happening! But then the fear twisted into hate and I sent a wave of ice into the chains. They seemed to be loosening slightly! 

The man laughed hard, and said he would call the doctors, before slamming the door aggressively. As soon as he did so, I sent another wave of ice into the chains, causing them to loosen even more. I then tugged hard, freezing more as I did so. After a while, I felt the chains giving in, so I gave one last tug and . . . BANG! My hands were free! 

I hated people! I slammed my ice into the door, causing it to collapse, and ran! As I ran, I saw people, and killed everyone with a single strike. It was so much fun to see them pay for everything they wanted to do, and watch their horrified looks as they realised what my blow had delivered, then crumble to the floor. I was being chased by the bulk of a man who had talked to me earlier, but I was smaller, faster. I threw an icicle at him, and heard a satisfying thump as he fell to the polished blue floor.

I came to some kind of reception, and found a door leading outside! I slammed through the glass and shattered it, running towards the sunlight. I ran and ran and ran. Through a forest, down a hill, up a hill, until I

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