When Ava was born, a sudden gust of ice froze the nurses, and from that day on, everyone was in danger. But who knew that she would become the most dangerous person since hundreds of years? Who knew that nothing would ever be the same again? As Ava becomes stronger, nobody can stop her. Unless . . .

A Disney Frozen fan fiction.


1. Prologue

The  soon-to-be-mother gasped and grabbed her stomach. She moaned loudly, causing her husband to leap into the room. "SHANNON, ARE YOU OK?!" he yelled. "Oh, Richard! I think the baby is coming!" she replied painfully. He dragged her to the front door, her arm over his shoulder.

They had to hurry. He wondered, should he call an ambulance, or should he drive? Deciding that if he drove it would be faster, Richard lifted her in his arms and into their van. She was at the back, where there was a seat belt but also enough space to stretch her legs, in case it came early. "Uuuuuuh, uuuuuuuh!" she moaned. Richard had placed a plastic sheet beneath her. He drove as fast as he could. "Just a bit longer dear!!!" he yelled. He was terrified! The baby was not due until a week from then!

They quickly arrived, which was a relief. She could not hold it much longer, so he lifted her again, and ran into the waiting room. The nurse gasped and quickly left to call a doctor. Soon after that, another nurse ran towards them and told him to follow her. Poor Richard was lead through many corridors with his screaming wife in his arms. "I'm so sorry, Richard . . . " she whispered. He was too shocked to answer.

When they ran into the correct ward, Richard was shooed away by the doctors. They didn't want him to see the baby being born, he might even faint. But Richard yelled at them and said he wanted to see his little daughter! Or son! It was a hard fight, but eventually, Richard was chucked out and the door was shut. He sat down and waited patiently.

Meanwhile, the nurses were having a hard time, not to mention the mother! Shannon was trying as hard as she could to push, but instead of pushing the baby out, she just felt colder and colder. It was freezing! The doctor made a hurried decision to cut open her stomach, so they gave her pain relief that would last a few hours. Shannon immediately felt warmer. As they cut open her stomach, the baby inside screamed and yelled. She could not get used to this new feeling. What were they doing? It was uncomfortable! The more frightened she became, the more frozen her surroundings got. Too cold!

And finally, the doctor was able to lift the little girl out and cut off her cord. But her mother's womb was covered in ice! He yelled and the nurses quickly tried everything they could to warm it. The baby was feeling too frightened, too scared! She lifted her little hands and two of the nurses were immediately covered in ice! The doctor's eyes became as big as plates. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" she yelled! But she then remembered that the mother was close to death, so she handed over the little baby to a nurse and continued doing everything she could to rescue the mother, but it was too late.

Shannon's last words were "Ava. She'll be called Ava . . . " That was the last thing she said before she died. Her hands fell to the ground and her eyes turned stony. She hadn't even been able to live a single second with her daughter.

And so, a very special baby was born.

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