When Ava was born, a sudden gust of ice froze the nurses, and from that day on, everyone was in danger. But who knew that she would become the most dangerous person since hundreds of years? Who knew that nothing would ever be the same again? As Ava becomes stronger, nobody can stop her. Unless . . .

A Disney Frozen fan fiction.


2. Olaf

I sat up and yawned. Another miserable day. My dad was out, drinking of course. What a lame father. And my mother? I didn't have one. She died a few minutes after I was born. Hmph, birth! Well, that must've been exciting! Rumour has it that I froze half the ward when I was born. Literally. I was special, as my dad called it. I had ice powers. I could freeze things, create snow and ice from thin air and even destroy the world if I wanted to. Yawn . . .

But those "special" days had passed. I could rarely reveal my powers, it was too dangerous. Although, from time to time . . . Yeah, it sometimes got out. I stood up. My platinum blonde hair shone in the light. My icy blue eyes were smudged with mascara that I'd forgotten to wash off the night before. I stood in front of my mirror and washed off the excess make-up. I then applied a fresh layer of mascara, black eyeliner, (a LOT of it) purple eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Scary, but glamorous. I grinned at my reflection. "Today, will be the day when everything changes, Ava!" I told myself.

I looked around my room, staring at all my belongings. They brought back so many memories, some good and some bad. My walls had been turquoise ever since I was seven, when me and my dad moved into this house. I had wooden flooring and some white furniture, including a vintage/Victorian desk, (all my furniture was vintage and Victorian, it just looked so pretty that way! Plus, I was into that type of stuff ever since I was five.) double bed, wardrobe, bookcase, dresser, vanity (make-up desk with mirror) and the two bedside tables.

My bed was opposite the door, in the middle, with a bedside table at each side, my desk was a bit further, against the right wall and my bookcase and dresser were on the left wall. My wardrobe was across from my bed, it was very big! The vanity was next to it. I had customised my room with a furry white beanbag, some plush white wolves and penguins, a few posters of my favourite singers, a fluffy white rug, a paper lantern for a light (well, it looks like a snowball) and of course all my make-up, books, jewellery, stationary and dream-catchers. I liked it that way.

Pulling my hair into it's usual messy side braid, I grabbed my phone. All the people at my school were obsessed with Instagram, so I decided I would see if anything interesting happened. I really shouldn't have done that. On the main page people had put up ugly drawings of me and stuck a photo of my head onto a woman in bed with a guy. My eyes turned red momentarily. "You're gonna pay for this!" I growled. Pulling on a white t-shirt and some jeans, I ran downstairs and into the kitchen. "Morning, Shannon! Hic!" my dad said from the living room. Ugh, he was drunk again! "I'm Ava, dad. Not Shannon."

I quickly grabbed a sandwich and stuffed it into my turquoise bag. It matched my eyes, so I liked it. After pulling on the Converses that matched both my eyes and my bag, I ran outside. Few, I had just avoided seeing my dad. The air was cold and snow was falling heavily. So relaxing. I never needed a coat in winter, I was never cold. Probably just something to do with my powers.

I was really glad that it was the middle of the school holidays, because I definitely needed a break from all those creepy boys and horrible girls. I had no friends at school, nobody wanted to get involved with the most unpopular girl in James Gillespie's, the bullied girl. Everybody was afraid of the so-called Pops, or popular girls. They all tried their hardest to get in that gang, otherwise their leader, Kelly, would bully them until they left for University. I was her first target though. We had known each other since P3 in Primary School, when I joined. I remember myself then, my beautiful hair in a neat braid behind my back, a side fringe covering my eyebrow. I would never have even dreamt of wearing make-up then. 

Of course, I was the new girl, the girl who had no idea what the Pop Club was or that you had to act a certain way to join. Kelly seemed really nice to me, so I tried to be like her, and in exchange, she was kind to me, invited me to her birthday parties and so on. But there was always something about her that I really hated. She was a bully. And I didn't like bullies. So every time she came up to a poor defenceless girl to say something horrid, I would ask her to stop, and tell her it was mean. But she would glare at me and ignore me completely, sometimes say something mean to me, too. So in P5, I left her little gang and tried to find some real friends, but nobody wanted me. By that time, Kelly had convinced most of the girls to listen to her, while the rest just hated me. And that's when Hell In School began.

I ran towards the house of one of the people at school. Grinning evilly, I sent a wave of snow at the home, completely covering it. Laughing, I ran further. For every house, I thought of something different. In front of one, I made a high ice fence, with sharp points at the top. On another, I cast a freezing spell, so that all the windows shattered and the cold winter air came rushing inside. The people who owned that one screamed loudly, but I ran before they could see me. What fun! "Hahaha!" I laughed while creating a dozen snowballs, which I planned to throw at the next house. But then I stopped. The snowballs exploded into a million snowflakes. Someone was watching me.

I thought about it. Somebody in school maybe? But who would want to sneak up on me? Nobody liked me. Maybe they wanted to take pictures of me? But I couldn't hear the snap of a camera or see the light of a phone screen anywhere. Probably just a cat, then, I thought. But I still had the creepy feeling that somebody was staring at me! Somebody, or something . . . 

As I looked around, a bush nearby quivered. I lunged at it. "OWWW!" a muffled voice yelled."Aaaaaahhhhhh!" I yelled back. It was a talking snowman with a snow cloud above his head! That was seriously creepy. Where did he come from? Did I create him? "Oops, sorry," he said. "My name is Olaf, and you must be Ava!" How did he know my name?! "Umm yeah," I replied suspiciously. "I'm Ava. How did you know my name? Did I create you?"

"Oh no, no, no! Your great great great great great great grandma did! But she is long gone now . . . " he said. A single ice tear fell from his eye. My great great and so on grandma? What?! "O . . . K . . . So . . . Did she have powers then?" I whispered keenly. That would explain a lot!

"Oh yes! In fact, not only do you have the same power as her, you also look almost identical! Except, you are a bit taller." Olaf smiled at me. I looked at him, a puzzled expression on my face, and was about to reply, when I felt a sharp pain on my forehead, and the sound of broken glass. Olaf gasped and ran towards me.

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