When Ava was born, a sudden gust of ice froze the nurses, and from that day on, everyone was in danger. But who knew that she would become the most dangerous person since hundreds of years? Who knew that nothing would ever be the same again? As Ava becomes stronger, nobody can stop her. Unless . . .

A Disney Frozen fan fiction.


4. Journey Through Storm

I stormed out and slammed the front door of my home. The quiet street lay ahead of me. Where should I go? My feet started walking and soon I had a rough idea of where to go, although I had no idea how to get there. I stopped suddenly, realizing that my idea was a rubbish one. Slumping against a graffitied wall, I took out my iPad and started looking on the internet. After a while, I spotted an interesting title.

It read "Ben Nevis - highest mountain in Scotland!" It looked good, snowy enough and pretty high. Maybe not the highest in the world, but do-able. And in my area. But I still had no idea how I would get there. I didn't even know where it was! I googled some more. "Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland, is in the Scottish Highlands, near to the town of Fort William." That's what it said. So I looked at where the town of Fort William was. Oooops . . . Pretty darn far, as it turned out. I sighed, giving up for a second. But then I thought of something. Brilliant! I jumped up in excitement! If my powers were strong enough to create a tornado that tore houses out of the ground, couldn't it carry me? Could I learn to control my tornados properly?

The idea excited me greatly. I decided to try a small tornado, to see how it went. And I knew the perfect place to practise . . . Arthur Seat stood before me and I slowly started walking towards it. When I got there, little kids were riding down hills on their sledges, screaming wildly. Ugh! I had to walk further and further and higher and higher up. When I finally got to the top, I let my anger burst out of my palms, forming a perfect tornado. Easy enough. Flicking my long fingers left and right, I realized that the more power I had over the tornado, the more destructive it got.

My pointed fingernails turned icy blue and I sensed I was ready. Throwing out one last icy blast, I created an enormous tornado which reacted only when I wanted it to. I glared at the world and stepped in slowly.

Immediately, the tornado whizzed forward, tearing down everything in it's way. I had found myself a comfortable looking sofa whizzing around, which I froze, causing it to stop spinning, and sat down. My GPS system was showing me that I was a few miles forward. Not fast enough! The tornado was too slow! I forced it to go faster with my mind, and looked on the BBC News website to see if there was anything to do with my creation. As I suspected, there was. The weather reporter was saying that a drastic ice storm was heading towards Glasgow from Edinburgh, although she had no idea where it had come from and how it had formed, although people had reported a strange creature in the middle of it.

I frowned. So they had spotted me already, no big deal. At least it would be easier for them to accept that if they didn't obey me, Earth would become frozen forever. But the reporter said it was travelling towards Glasgow, and that was not the way I was hoping to go. I looked at my GPS again. Drat, I was going towards Glasgow, and slower than ever. I decided to concentrate my mind on getting the tornado to obey. I forced it to go faster, faster than it had ever gone before, and then quickly jerked it towards the right direction. Still not fast enough. I willed for it to go even faster with all my strength, until I felt the icy wind whip my face, the pressure make my head nearly explode with the pain. That was how fast I wanted to go, but the tornado didn't seem to listen. It was out of control!

I tried to stop it, but nothing could. A sudden twist made it stop drastically, and I fell down down down into the white blanket of snow below.

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