When Ava was born, a sudden gust of ice froze the nurses, and from that day on, everyone was in danger. But who knew that she would become the most dangerous person since hundreds of years? Who knew that nothing would ever be the same again? As Ava becomes stronger, nobody can stop her. Unless . . .

A Disney Frozen fan fiction.


5. An unexpected Person and The Mountain

I slowly lifted my head, groaned, then lay back down again. It hurt like hell. I was lucky to have survived, let alone even have a head. Someone was standing next to me, shouting something, but it all seemed far away to me, like a distant buzz getting quieter by the minute. But then I realised something; it was a boy's voice. That made me sit up and glare at him, but then something inside me said "Quit it! You're not evil!" I couldn't decide what I should feel about it! Of course, I was supposed to be an evil snow queen, but why should I? That was terrible!

I forced the thought of everyone who hated me into my head, and felt my heart getting colder. I knew I couldn't stop now. He seemed quite worried about me, but I knew that he was probably pretending, like all the rest. I mean, nobody liked me!

I jumped to my feet and started walking backwards, wincing with the pain it was causing me. "Hey! Wait up! Are you alright? That was mega scary, that storm thing was spinning like crazy and then you suddenly fell out of it! But the weird thing was, once you had fallen out and fainted, it stopped . . ." I stared at him, only just remembering my anger. His voice was so soothing, and his eyes . . . Those eyes were like a million stars floating in space all forming together to create beauty and perfect harmony. I just couldn't stop looking at his young, handsome face, he was so tanned too . . . NO! Ava, pull yourself together! I was not going to fall for him, he would hurt me, and maybe I would even hurt him. It was just not right! I was supposed to be alone, be free! And of course, I would kill him anyway, nobody deserved to live in my frozen reality.

My emotions had taken over and I suddenly felt ice rising all around me, sharp and cold. Using the last scrap of my energy to cry "Leave me!" loudly, I blacked out, and fell to the ground.

Why did this keep happening? I was too weak! Deciding that it would be better to die, I took my last breath and raced up the cliff. When I was at the top, I looked over the edge. The snow covered meadow was far below me. By this point, I had frozen my throat, so I weakly stumbled towards the rocks, turning more purple every second. And then, I jumped.



"No!" I shrieked, waking up to a boiling temperature. Well, it was for me anyway. The same boy was looking down at me. I was lying on a saggy brown couch in a cottage made of wood. The fireplace was lit and sweat ran down my forehead. "You again!" I yelled at him, a bit unnecessarily. He looked surprised, disappointed even. I suddenly felt very bad, but pushing my feelings away, I stood up. I felt fantastic, full of energy, if a little hot. But then I heard the voice in my head, and I knew I just couldn't feel happy, it wasn't the right type of emotion for me.

What do you think you're feeling, Ava?! You're evil now, and he's just someone who's in your way. I say kill him now . . .

"Hey! Where are you going? I was only trying to help you! If I hadn't carried you here, you would've freezed to death!"

"Yeah right." I murmured. He obviously hadn't figured out who had caused the tornado yet. "I'm sorry, I have to go. Where are my things?" I snapped at him. He didn't seem to notice my tone, because he was smiling when he handed me my bag. I realized how amazing his smile was . . . Don't you dare start that again Ava!

I walked out of the room, which only contained the manky sofa, a small coffee table and the fireplace, that's how small it was. Realizing that it was also the only room in the hut, so I slammed the front door behind me. Sighing, I looked out onto the mountains above me. Hang on, those are the nearest mountains to Ben Nevis! I thought, grabbing my iPad. Indeed, I was very close to my destination, just a mile or two to go until I was there.

I decided to travel by foot, my powers weren't too reliable. I started walking towards the snowy mountain, and felt my soul slowly turning to ice. That was when I realised what I had done.

By wanting revenge on people I hated and everyone else, I was slowly turning into an evil being, and there was no turning back! My icy blue tears fell efortlessly to the cold snow beneath me and I collapsed to the floor, at last letting my true emotions show!

What was I thinking? I can't live like this! But now I have to. Nobody even cares enough to stop me. Nobody wants me here. They all think I'm a freak, a monster!

I stood up quickly, not allowing any emotions to make me weak, and ran forward. Ben Nevis was getting closer and closer, and as it did, I ran faster, until I was right at the bottom. It was truly the perfect place!

As I started to climb, my powers created steps to make it easier for me, until I came to a part when a piece of the mountain had fallen in, and if I wanted to get any higher, I would have to somehow get over a massive hole, and that was going to be a challenge. I tried to let the ice form something, but it was far too weak. So, letting all the negative memories flow through me, I tried again, pushing all my hatred into the slight burst of ice. I created a narrow staircase, perfect for me, black as coal. I grinned, I never knew how truly evil I could be! And let me tell you, it felt great!

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