She's Not Afraid

Alex is a new girl that has joined Heathrow Creative Arts School. She makes friends with everyone and is great friends with Harry and his friends. She's not afraid of many things. But is she afraid of falling in love?


14. Not Been This Happy for Ages!

Alex's POV

I looked around at the big house infront of me. It had loads of people on the front lawn drinking out of red cups-all laughing and talking and have a good time. Some people were drunk. I caught Jai looking at me. "What?" I said and he laughed. "Have you never been to a party like this?" He asked. I looked in to his chocolate eyes and said, "Yeah i have but they weren't as packed as this." He laughed and we all walked in to the house.

There were loads of people in the house-drinking, dancing and chatting. I followed Jai but i was getting pushed and lost. I was kinda small in heightbut not tiny. I couldn't find anyone and the thought of being lost in a big house party scared me.

My thoughts got pushed away as someone held my hand and took me with them. The person was Jai. His smile was big and he laughed at me getting lost. His hands were soft, really soft and he had a few tattoos inked in to his body. Most of the tattoos were random little things but some were really nice. I snapped myself out of the gaze of his hands and tattoos. We caught up with the others. Zayn smirked at me and i pulled a confused look. Why is he looking at me like that? He's been doing that all day. He nudged Perrie and Perrie looked at me and Jai holding hands. Oh shoot! I quickly let go of his hand with the others watching me and i looked at the ground with questions flooding my mind.

Do i like Jai? Am i falling for him? Those were the only questions that kept flashing in to my mind. I heard a chuckle and i looked somewhere else. I started looking around and then someone offered me a red cup. Jai reached his hand out, waiting for me to take the red cup. I stared at him and his perfect face. Wait what am i saying? He probably doesn't like me like that. What were i thinking?

"N-No thanks, i don't drink" I said, forcing the words out of my mouth. "Nope it's water" He said. I shook my head. "None of us are going to drink tonight cuz we won't be able to get home." He explained. I nodded my head agreeing with what he said.

Ella and Danny went to dance and Zayn and Perrie went in to another room, whispering as they were walking. That left me and Jai. Great. I'm going to be stuck with someone that i think i like but they probably don't like me back.

"So i wanted to tell you some thing.." He said looking in to my eyes. I couldn't help it but i started looking in to his eyes. He carried on, "Alex---" He turned around to see someone calling him. The guy came up to him.

"What's up Jai? I've not seen you for ages.." He said. Jai and that guy talked for a while. It turned out to be one of his mates whose name was Jack. They talked a while and i was just stood there playing with my cup and lost in my thoughts.

What did he want to tell me? I was so desperate to know. Jack went and Jai turned back around to me. He faced towards me and i was leaning against the worktop.

"Sorry about that.." He explained. "What did you want to tell me?" I asked. "Well Alex.." He grabbed both of my hands and i just stood there, wondering what was going on. "I know i've just met you today but i really like you and i'm wondering whether you want to go out with me.." He asked.

My heart stopped beating. Like is destiny favouring me today? Did i hear right. I didn't know what to say. But he looked like he was waiting for the answer. "Errm..Well i'd like to. Yeah." I said.. My cheeks started to flare with redness and i saw his smile. That smile that i liked. I felt really happy all of a sudden.

The rest of the party carried on smoothly. Me and Jai talked and sat and got to know each other really really well. I exchanged numbers with him. I really like him and i hope he does too.

The others found us. They smiled at both of us holding hands. "Sooooooooo...." Perrie said. I blushed a little and tried to think of what to say. Jai nodded. We got up and we started walking home.

Even though it was about 11:00 and we'd walked loads in a day, i still wanted to because i had Jai next to me. Everyone went home as their houses went by.

"I'll walk you home tonight.." He beamed at me and i said, "Well thanks but you don't have to.." "Well i do now.." He said. He was so cutee. The others went home and we waved bye to them all. Zayn left me with a wink. Tomorrow at school i'll find out why he's been smiling weirdly, winking and all that to me. I enjoyed the romantic walk home with Jai. He walked me home to the door because he insisted too much. "Do you want to come in?" I asked. "Nahh it's too late..But next time.." He said and kissed my forehead. My cheeks flared again and he went.

I shut the door and found that my mum was home watching tv.

"Hey mum.." I said, taking a seat next to her. I was too happy. "What happened? Why you so happy?" She asked. "Mum, does something have to happen just to be happy." I said, laughing along to my words. She glanced at me and i eventually spilled the beans. "Well i liked someone and he happened to like me so now we're going out." I said. My mum smiled at me and put her hand through my hair. "Aww i've not seen you this happy since..." She broke off not wanting to carry on. "That was the past mum." I said. She gave me an apologetic smile and hugged me. I went sleep after that after getting changed and removing all my make up.

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