She's Not Afraid

Alex is a new girl that has joined Heathrow Creative Arts School. She makes friends with everyone and is great friends with Harry and his friends. She's not afraid of many things. But is she afraid of falling in love?


10. My Past...

Alex's POV:

I love Saturday mornings. That feeling of knowing that there's no rush to be anywhere or do anything. It's great! I had a lie in until 11:15 and then decided to have a lazy pyjama day. Why not? I got up and stretched, trying to wake myself up a little. Then I made my way downstairs to the kitchen to make breakfast. I looked in the cupboards and the fridge but they were mostly empty. Mum must be out shopping. I popped into the toaster a couple of slices of bread and got the butter, jam, knife and plate out ready. Then i sat down at the table and got out my phone. Only one message from Perrie. I opened it up and saw that it said:

From Perrie

Hey, want to have a sleepover at mine? Just the two of us. Think we both need a girlie weekend!

I text back a quick reply, accepting the offer, just as the toast pops up from the toaster. So much for a lazy pyjama day!

After eating my breakfast, I go back upstairs and jump into the shower. I'm back out and dressed in 30 minutes flat. Then I pack my back for staying over at Perries. I pack all of the essentials; fresh pyjamas, clothes, toiletries, hair products, makeup and phone charger. By the time I've finished it's about 1:48. Mum returns from shopping and I go downstairs to help her put everything away. As I'm putting milk cartons in the fridge, I ask her if I'd be allowed to go to Perries and she said "if you want" well that was a lot simpler than I had expected!

Perrie POV:

I couldn't wait for the sleepover! It would be so nice to have a girlie catch up and do our nails and everything. I could even maybe ask about the DT with Harry! Then tomorrow I planned on us going out in town for a bit with some mates. Just then my phone bleeped in my pocket so I unlocked it to see what it was.

From Alex:

Finished packing, shall I head round to yours? x

I text back a reply.

To Alex:

Yeah sure! Can't wait for this weekend! See you soon :) x

My house is quite near to Alex's just a block away and I've already explained how to get to it, in school and she's already been at my house once anyways and that was when we were playing truth or dare with the guys. It seems like we know everything about each other yet I only met her a couple of weeks ago! She's really nice and pretty though so I don't mind her as much as the other girls. This weekend should be fun.

Alex POV:

I walked myself to Perrie's house and knock on politely. Within the minute, the door creaks open and Perrie is stood in the doorway beaming down at me. "Hey! Come in" she says, stepping to the side. Wow, she seems even more excited than me!

As I enter her house, I see just how massive it really is. I am lead up a spiral staircase and into a bedroom which I'm guessing is Perries. It's really well organised with a massive walk in wardrobe and a chest of draws as well as lots of shelves and a big double bed! I see a big box of nail varnishes and guess that she had the same idea as me. "Are you hungry?" She asks.

"Not really, I just ate not too long ago." I tell her.

"Okay, so you wanna do nails?" She asks me eagerly. I smile and nod my head in reply. She sits down next to her bed and I do the same, then she takes down the box of nail varnishes and picks out her colours.

I went for a pastel blue. Perrie did mine first. As she was doing a hand, she suddenly got and walked to turn the radio on. The Vamps came on. We sang along to 'Last Night' and i was listening to Perrie's amazing voice. I could imagine her on a magazine cover or being one of those perfect celebrities. Then Perrie started laughing and i came out of my imagination.

"Alex, what are you day dreaming about?" She giggled. She got up and turned the radio off. She looked at me in the eye and i started laughing really hard. "Don't look at me in the eye!" I screamed at her and carried on laughing. I guess i was weird like that.

I was humming while Perrie was doing my other hand. "So what exactly happened in that lunch DT with Harry?" She asked. My heart started beating fast and my cheeks started to flare with redness. "Well, nothing much. We talked alot and i feel like we know each other alot better now. We're like great friends now." I exclaimed. Perrie looked and glared at me like she knew something. Then my mind clicked and i remembered what Harry mumbled when i was stood outside Perrie's room. He liked me. I wish i didn't say that.

"You do know that Harry likes you don't you?" Perrie said in a quiet voice. I nodded. "When?!" She asked. "When i was at your house a couple of days ago and Harry got asked as a truth whether he liked me. I was stood outside and was shocked." I mumbled, feeling all hot from the inside. Perrie had finished my nails and i started looking for a colour for her.

She patted me and said, "If you know that he likes you, why don't you give this relationship a try?" I shrugged. I wanted to tell Perrie about my past relationships and how i always ended up with anxiety but i couldn't with tears springing in to my eyes. But it was too late...

The saltyness of my tears reached my mouth. I thought Perrie wasn't looking and i could wipe them away without her knowing. But she noticed and she hugged me.

"Forget my nails, anything you wanna tell me?" She asked, being a great friend as she was. I nodded.

~The Story..

I was previously going out with this guy called Luke. He had brown hair, tanned skin and a lip piercing. All girls were crazy for him. But he chose me. I went out with him for 3 months and our relationship was strong. But one day, me and a bunch of my friends went and to the park and we saw him and some girl making out. I ran back home and cried and cried for ages. My friends all comforted me and then he came to my house at night. He acted like nothing happened. He acted like he didn't hide anything from me. He asked if we could start over again and i refused. I stayed like this for months-crying myself to sleep, bursting in to tears whenever i saw him on the corridors at school. It even came to that, that i never came school for a month and cried at home. I couldn't help myself though. My friends didn't give up on my. None of them did. They took me out to eat, made me forget about everything and even tried to get me with another guy. But i didn't. I couldn't let that pain get to me again. Then i left that place and moved houses thinking that i'll move on and start afresh.


Perrie's POV

I couldn't help it. Then story made me emotional. Tears dripped from my eyes. Only a girl would understand that pain and would be brave enough to move on. I wanted her to go out with Harry but now i can't force her as a friend. I knew about her past and maybe one day she might fall in love with someone that would deserve her. I knew Harry wouldn't do that. But still, the amount of pain she's gone through, she won't trust another guy until she trusts him that he won't break her heart like that. And i'll make sure nobody will. I'll be her big sister and protect her from the wrong guys that will treat her the way she's meant to be treated.

Alex wiped the tears from my face and gave me a weak smile. "I promise that i'll find you a guy who won't shatter you to pieces and who will treat you like your the most beautiful girl in the world. I promise you as a big sister." I assured her. She gave me a tight hug. "Aww thanks big sis." We smiled and giggled.

Authors Note - So how did you like this chapter? The drama's going to start from here. Comment down cuz i love your responses.

This first bit of the chapter was done by my co-writer Claires_Musical_Life and the rest of it was done by me. Be sure to read Claire's Movella which is really good so far. It's called "Perfect Summer". Thanks for reading and byeeee xx

P.S - Do you like these long detailed chapters? :)

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