She's Not Afraid

Alex is a new girl that has joined Heathrow Creative Arts School. She makes friends with everyone and is great friends with Harry and his friends. She's not afraid of many things. But is she afraid of falling in love?


11. Meeting Jai...

We spent the rest of the day just relaxing and being girlie girls. Though i always thought that i was kinda tomboyish because i didn't wear dresses as much whereas Perrie wears almost anything. She wears a combination of clothes which makes her look unique and different to others and wears matching accessories.

We were in the living room, looking through tv channels. Perrie was half slouching on the sofa with the tv remote in her hand and i was lying on my stomach on the sofa playing games on my phone. It was 3PM in the afternoon and we were tired. We planned of doing face masks at night so we were going to a super market near town called 'Asda'. We might go town to "look around".

Perrie stopped surfing through tv channels and stopped on ITV. There was an advert for the X Factor. "Oh my god, Perrie you should go on this show one day." I said. She smiled and shrugged.

She got up and started tickling me. "Come on Alex, we'll go town and then we'll go get the face masks from Asda." She said. "Okay.." I laughed and sorted my hair out and got ready.

We got a taxi to town. We went to a couple of shops.

We went to New Look and i got a blouse and a Mickey Mouse jumper. Perrie got some denim ripped shorts.

Then we went to Claire's. We went in and i went to where all the boy band stuff was. I stared until Perrie gave me a light push. We got some earrings and Perrie got magnetic ones. I have a piercing at the top of my ear so i got a bow earring for it.

We went to the final shop before going to Asda.

We went in to Superdrug. I loved Superdrug. It was a shop with different big makeup brands. I went and got a lipstick from the Maybelline section. Perrie got a liquid eyeliner and then we walked to Asda.

After getting the face masks from Asda, we planned on getting something to eat. It was 5:24 and all i wanted was a light snack. Perrie wanted a light snack too. But she fancied having something sweet. As were thinking what we should eat, Perrie jumped up and said, "Let's make cookies." "Okay, but i'm not washing up." I said before she would say it. She agreed and we went to the kitchen and started preparing for it.

"Everytimes we had food tech in my other school, everything i made weren't edible. I used to mess around or stand and chat with my friends that my thing whatever i'm making gets burnt or messed up." I explained. Perrie laughed for a while. "And my mum doesn't let me in the kitchen because i don't clean up afterwards and i mess something up. Last time when i was 10, i had to make tea for my mum and i thought you had to put milk in the kettle so i did that and the whole house ended up stinking for days!" I explained.

Perrie laughed so hard and she couldn't stop until i changed the subject. "So how long have you had Zayn for?" I asked. "Well about a month or summa.." She said, mixing the cookie mixture. "Oh yeah, tomorrow we're going out, hanging with my old friends Jai, Danny and Ella. Danny and Ella are together and Jai is single." She said. I looked at her and gave her a smirk.

We talked and made cookies. Well i didn't really help. After a while i sat and played games on my phone, watched Vines and talked. When the cookies were in the oven, Perrie started washing up and i dried.

The cookies smelt really nice. We let them cool and took them to Perrie's room and ate.

Then we did a face mask. Perrie got chopped cucumbers, a bowl of popcorn and a plate of the left over cookies. We sat in bath robes and after half an hour, we one by one went and had a bath and washed the face mask off. I washed my hair and had a hot steaming bath.

Then Perrie went and had a bath. During this time, i dried my hair and wore my pyjamas. Then Perrie's phone vibrated and i picked it up. It was a text from Jai... I put her phone back down again because it's rude to do that.

Perrie came out of the bath. As she was drying her hair, she picked up her phone. "Alex, we're going out tomorrow and then going to a party so we might be late..Okay?" She asked. I took my eyes off my phone and looked at her. "Okay." I said and glued my eyes to the screen again. "Great, i'll tell Jai." She said. I couldn't wait to meet these new people. Maybe we could all be great friends. Couldn't wait.

After Perrie got in to her pyjamas, we got her laptop and decided to watch a movie. We went on Netflix and decided to watch Frozen. I'd already seen it a couple of times but Perrie had never seen it. I sang along to the songs. But inthe end i dozed off to sleep.


I woke up by a shake from Perrie. "Whaatt?" I said. "Wake up sleepy head." She said, still shaking me. "In a bit." I said and closed my eyes. "Yeah we all know what your in a bit is." She said and i could hear her walking away.

It felt i slept for 5 minutes and i heard footsteps walking towards me. "AGHHHH!!" I screamed. My face was wet. I was shivering. Perrie put cold water on my face. She started laughing. I started laughing.

I went to the bathroom and got ready. Perrie was doing her hair and makeup. As i walked in to her bedroom, Perrie was sat on her bed on the phone with someone.

I went and opened my makeup bag and turned Perrie's straightener on. I straightened my brown hair infront of the mirror. I got some bobby pins and pinned my fringe.

Then i did my make up. I got my make up bag and took my concealer out. I rubbed it in evenly on to my skin-trying to cover my spots. Then i put my powder on. I put eye liner on my eyes and filled in my eye brows with brown eye brow pencil. Then last but not least i put my lipstick on. I was a pink colour that i thought that looked good with my outfit.

I wore a white spotty blouse shirt with dark blue denim shorts with black tights on. I was going to wear black converse with it.

Perrie ended the phone call and stared at me. "Helloo?" I said. "Alex, you look so pretty.." She said. I pulled a confused look. "So do you!" I said.

We had breakfast and then the doorbell rang. Perrie went to open it. I had a familiar voice. It was Zayn. "Oh yeah i forgot to tell you Zayn's coming too!" She explained. I smiled at him and i carried on eating.

We walked it to Jai's because 'apparently it weren't as far away' and 'we'd be waiting in the cold for a taxi'.

We walked to a big house, with a big garden. It had a patio too. Perrie knocked on the door. A tall person with dark, brown hair and ear piercings and a lip piercing came and told us to come inside. He looked pretty amazing.

He smiled at me as i walked through the door. But my eyes were glued in to my phone. It felt as if a pair of eyes were following me...

Author's Note: Heyyy, how do you like it so far?

Omggg i'm in love with the Janoskians so i got Luke and Jai from this. If you don't know who they are then search 'Janoskians' on youtube. ❤️

I couldn't write as much cuz i had tests this week but now i'm free for 2 weeks. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it! Do the long chapters interest you? Please comment down, favourite and fan. Thnxx for reading x

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