She's Not Afraid

Alex is a new girl that has joined Heathrow Creative Arts School. She makes friends with everyone and is great friends with Harry and his friends. She's not afraid of many things. But is she afraid of falling in love?


3. Detention..

I woke up and it was 8PM. I was meant to meet up with Perrie at 8! Oh damn!! She's going to be really mad at me. But i saw Perrie entering my room. "Aw Alex, your not up yet?" Perrie laughed.

"Yeah it happens everytime. I'm gunna get ready." I said yawning and i went and had a shower.

Perrie must've been sat there on her phone or staring at all those posters i have in my room of boy bands and girl bands. I came back and quickly straightened my hair. "Leave your hair out today." Perrie said. "You look really nice with it out." I smiled and thanked her. I did my make up and we went outside. We waved bye to my mum.

"Didn't you want to have breakfast?" Perrie asked as we were walking to school.

"No i don't really have breakfast that much. I eat loads through the day so i don't really bother with it so much." I replied. She laughed and were talking.

We reached the school gates and we saw Zayn and the guys. He hugged Perrie and we all began talking.

Perrie, Zayn and Louis were talking at one side while me and Eleanor were talking on the other side of them. Niall, Harry, Liam and Danielle were talking a couple of steps away from me and Eleanor. We were talking about the party yesterday and how annoying some people are. Me and Eleanor were talking so much that we couldn't really hear what the others were talking about. Then the bell rang.

We had form and the first lesson we had was Geography. Ohhhh Geography. One of the lessons i don't like.

We went inside and the teacher, Mrs Ellighan ordered us to sit in groups of 8 both mixed so not just boys in a group, girls too. So Perrie,Eleanor, me, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam sat together.

I was in the middle of Perrie and Eleanor. Mrs Ellighan had an really annoying voice that annoyed me and by the looks of it, she didn't seem really experienced. We were set to do a group presentation about the Rainforest. We all started talking and gossiping as i did the bubble writing and drew the pictures. That's all i was going to do.

Louis was annoying me so i was ignoring him. "Alexaaaa." He was annoying me with an annoying voice and was saying my name wrong. I just ignored him. Harry went to get the colours.

"Harry.."Louis said. He wasn't calling Harry. He was calling me.

"WHAT?!?" I said furiously.

"Harry. You wouldn't reply to your own name and you replied to Harry's. Awww what a cute couple." He chuckled.

"Dude, get your facts right. I'm not in a relationship with him and my name's Alex." I said. I thought Louis wouldn't be that annoying.

"Gawd. I was just stating the obvious that you and Harry should be a couple and that you both like each other but aren't admitting to it." Louis said.

I shot up and went sick at him. I DON'T LIKE HIM! Why is he really annoying?

"GET LOST! I DON'T LIKE HIM LIKE THAT!" I screamed at him. When i turned around to look at Harry who was talking to a guy, Miss Ellighan was stood there. She looked mad.

"Anything a problem?" She asked me. I shook my head and yelled at Louis when she went away.



"CUZ I WANTED TO PROVE A POINT!!" I screamed back.


"K." I replied. I could see that everyone was staring at me but they couldn't help it. I saw a few smiling faces looking at me so i smirked and slammed the door. I saw Louis looking like he made the biggest mistake ever. I didn't really care about being kicked out or getting in detention. I just cared that i proved that i'm not in a relationship. I have had experience in the past which shattered me for months and don't to start a new one until i'm emotionally ready.

Just then i see a figure that i have seen around school. It was Mr Porter-the headteacher. Oh gawddd. Now i'm gunna be in even more trouble!!

"Morning. Why are you stood outside for?" Mr Porter asked.

"Cuz Miss Ellighan isn't understanding my point and i had to scream to her to make her understand.." I replied smirking.

He frowned and opened the door to my class. "I'm taking her to my office." He said to Miss Ellighan. The class was silent and i was waving to everyone from behind him. Everyone started giggling and tried to hide their faces so Mr Porter couldn't see. He turned around and saw me. He glared at me.

"Just before you go, you need to take this.." Miss Ellighan said. I looked at it. It was a DT card.

"Why have i got this for?"I asked. I was annoyed because it weren't even my fault.

"Because you were screaming in MY classroom." She replied.

"YOUR CLASSROOM? IT DOESN'T EVEN BELONG TO YOUU!!" I yelled. Mr Porter took me away from there. As he closed the door, i could here the whole class laughing.

I stepped in to Mr Porter's office. I thought it was going to be some kind of dungeon but it was a relaxing, warm room. He sat in his big chair.

"What am i meant to do?" I asked, scrunching my detention card in to the bin.

"Just sit there." He replied.

"Oh cool. Looks like we're gunna be great friends." I said.

"Sir, do you like bands in general?" I asked trying to be annoying.

"No. They're all just silly." He replied.

"No they're not. They're awesome and legendary. Who did you like in those days?" U asked. I was trying to make conversation.

"Beatles and all that." He replied not paying any interest what so ever.

"Can i go on my phone?" I asked.

"Okay just this once because i've got loads of work to do and have no time for you silly questions." He said.

I shook my shoulders and pulled my phone out of my pocket and plugged in headphones.

2 lessons went by and then i got some maths work sent in.

There were 50 questions to do so i was listening to music and did them.

It was the end of the day and the bell went. I'd been sat here all day in Mr Porter's office and we got along really well. He let me go and i went straight home. For some reason i felt really tired and went to sleep.

Louis's POV

I felt really bad of arguing with Alex today. I haven't seen her all day. I need to apologise to her. We're going to Perrie's tonight so then i'll call her over and apologise to her. I can tell she's angry at me. But i want Harry and Alex to be together.

It's 11 o clock and we're on our way to Perrie's. Perrie said that she'll text her but i'll bet she's forgotten. I'll remind her later.

Alex's POV

Awhe. I just woke up now. I feel so alive. What time is it? I quickly get my phone from the desk next to my bed and see that the time is 12PM?!

But how? I saw a message from Perrie which was delivered over 10 minutes ago.

Perrie: We need to talk. Come to mine ASAP.

What did Perrie need? Did anything happen? I quickly got changed my clothes and wore a tight black dress.

My mum was asleep so i left a text on her phone and a note on the bed side cabinet. She was bound to check one of those.

I wrote: I've gone to Perrie's cuz it was urgent. Ring me. Alex.

I sneaked out and quickly ran to Perrie's. What could be the problem? Why did she want me at this time of night??

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