She's Not Afraid

Alex is a new girl that has joined Heathrow Creative Arts School. She makes friends with everyone and is great friends with Harry and his friends. She's not afraid of many things. But is she afraid of falling in love?


13. Day In Town

Alex's POV

I walked in to the room that Zayn and Perrie walked in to. It had a large tv stuck to the wall and a tv stand underneath it. It had a 4 seater brown sofa which me, Perrie and Zayn sat down on. There was a glass table infront of us with a flower vase on.

Then the guy who opened the door came in with different drinks. There was Coke, Sprite, Pepsi and Red Bull. "Take one." The dark haired boy said and he sat down next to me.

Zayn took the Red Bull, Perrie took the Pepsi and i reached out for the Coke. "Alex, this is Jai.."Perrie said. I smiled at him and he reached out for the Sprite. "Hey" I said. "Hi" Jai said.

There was a loud knock on the door. Jai got up and went to answer it. Through the door came a ginger girl with a french plait with a boy with black spiked up hair came. They smiled at me and we greeted them. "Hi, i'm Ella" The ginger girl said. "Hi, i'm Danny" The dark haired boy said. I introduced myself.

"Right so we're going town then?" Ella said and sat down where Jai were sitting. "Yeah if thats okay with you guys.."Jai said, looking directly at me. I nodded, wanting to laugh by the way Zayn started to look at me. He had a smirk on his face which he was trying to wipe away. Then he whispered something to Perrie and after he whispered something Perrie looked at me and smiled. I gave a puzzled look and she just smiled. I wonder what he said...?

So we started walking it to town. We rang for taxis for about half an hour but we couldn't get through! So we started walking it. It would take a while but we had company. I was walking next to Perrie and Zayn was next to her. The other 3 were behind us.

We giggled and talked for a while until the pavements started getting narrower-enough for two people to walk together. Perrie walked next to Zayn, holding hands. Awww they were such a cute couple. I walked behind them, my eyes glued to my phone.

I love my phone. It's amazing. I can't live without it. It's just....I can't explain it but yeah. Then Jai started to walk next to me. "Hey.." He said, he was on his phone too but he put it in his back pocket. "Hey.." I said. I put my phone in my pocket of my shorts.

I talked to him about school. "So you go to the one near town..The same as Ella and Danny?" I asked. "Yeah that one. I guess you must go to the one that Zayn and Perrie goes too." He said. He was a nice guy. Funny, good looking and nice. "Yeah, Heathrow Creative Arts School. I only started like a week or summa ago and i've made loads of mates." I said. His eyes were like drops of chocolate. Trying hard not to stare at it, I saw Zayn turn around and he started to smirk. Then Perrie turned around and slapped Zayn hard on the arm. I wonder what he's smirking at. "Yeah you go girl! Slap him hard!" I said, cheering Perrie on. They all laughed.

After a long, funny conversation with Jai, we made it to town. I actually enjoyed walking it eventhough i hate walking for long distances. But i made a new friend and got to know him really well and so did he.

Jai's POV

Me and Alex talked to each other whilst walking to town. I got to know her really well.

She has beautiful hazel eyes and brown hair which she let out. I don't know but i think i'm falling for her. But she might have a boy friend.. I'll try to find out and if not i'll ask her tonight..

We spent the entire time in town-shopping, eating, messing around and it was so good. I've not had fun like this for ages. As all the shops were closing, we decided to go to the party. It was already 6pm so then we decided to walk for the fun of it.

Alex started to walk next to me but then Perrie turned around and gave me a giggle.. She knew about me liking Alex because of what i asked in the shop..


We were in a shop.. I think it was an accessory one and Alex was stood on the other side of the shop talking to Danny, Ella and Zayn. I was with Perrie.

Me: Sooooo...

Perrie: What do you want Jai?

Me: How do you know i was asking for something?

Perrie: Jai i've known you for a long time now..I think i know there's something up.

Me: Haha is Alex---

Perrie: Awwe someone got a crush?

Me: Well, ermm is she single?

Perrie: Hahah why should i tell you for?

Me: Cuz your her best friend...

Perrie: Yeah she is...But i'm warning you, if you break her heart then i swear--

Me: I promise i won't..How do you know i was gunna ask her?

Perrie: Hahahah i know you too well..

~End of Flashback~

Now as i looked ahead i saw Zayn smirking at me.. Alex was still looking into her phone. I gave Perrie evils and she made Zayn turn around. Thank god.. That would've been so embarrassing if Alex saw it.

She began talking to me about what she wanted to be inthe future.. "I wanna be a hairdresser/stylist for famous people.." She told me. "I've not really planned it to be honest." I said. "Well i wanna be a singer" said Perrie. "Yeah so do i..But if i don't then i'm going to be an english teacher" Zayn explained.

After walking for half an hour or maybe more than that, we reached a house which was kind of packed. I looked at Alex's expression. Her eyes just gazing around the place..

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