She's Not Afraid

Alex is a new girl that has joined Heathrow Creative Arts School. She makes friends with everyone and is great friends with Harry and his friends. She's not afraid of many things. But is she afraid of falling in love?


8. A Couple Of Texts

I woke up kinda early this time. Well early for me. I checked my phone and saw quite a few messages for different people.

Hey, it's Louis. I didn't get to talk to you for some reason. I think you we avoiding me. Were you? Btw i' really sorry or that DT thing. Talk to you in school. Bye:)

Hi.. How was school yesterday? Didn't get to talk to yesterday bc of cheerleading. Did u talk to Harry? ;) Love Perrie xx

Hey, we didn't talk yesterday. Is everything okay? Everyone's quite worried about you. Hope you okay.. Love Harry x

I stared at Harry's text. I read it over and over again. Did he miss me? And he sent me a kiss at the that clearly means something. It's not as if he's a bad guy, it's that i don't want to go through that pain. But relationships don't have to be painful, does it? Maybe i have some feelings for him. Well i'll keep them to myself. I don't wanna make a big issue out of it. Many girls always find Harry as their dream prince. But for my case it's the other way round. He wants me to be his princess.

After reading those texts and thinking of all that, it was 8AM and it was the time that i normally get up. So it was not point of me getting up then.

I got ready, wondering about everything that goes on in my life. I was late for school and my mum came running to my door asking why i weren't out of the house today. I told her i woke up late. She was getting late for a meeting so she left the house and i walked to school at my normal pace to school.

I didn't care if i were late. I was thinking and day dreaming of all those stupid things in my head. But there was one question that was constantly appearing in my head, What would i say to Harry? Did you miss me? Why do you like me? But i don't wanna break the poor fella's heart. He was a nice guy with beautiful green eyes, soft curly brown hair and he liked me. Most of the girls in my year fancied him and he never liked any of them back. He likes me. Maybe i do like him but the fear of being around more than a friend gives me the shivers. Claire was heartbroken yesterday and cried every time she heard her guys name. I just need to keep in mind that a relationship doesn't stay forever.

Harry's POV

I looked at my phone, secretly. It was 9:05. Alex wasn't seen. Where is she? I can't concentrate on anything going on in maths. Is she okay? I've not talked to her for nearly 2 days. I missed her.

The lesson went on. The teacher was talking about algebra. I kept turning around and saw the empty place next to Louis. The door opened and there she was. Looking beautiful like she normally had.

"Why are you this late?" The teacher shouted.

"I overslept and yeah that's it." Alex said.

"That's not a good enough excuse. You should atleast apologise."

"K, sorry." She mumbled and sat down in her seat.

I could hear Louis and Alex talking to each other. Maybe i'll talk to her in Art. The last lesson of the day and i think the lesson where we are sat together. I won't be able to have lunch with her. I've got a lunch DT for chucking pens and stuff to some one.

We were all working in silence. The teacher came with a card to Alex. "Lunch DT today for you. Make sure you come." I turned around and saw Alex. She was angry.

"Why though?" Alex asked.

"For coming late." The teacher replied. The teacher gave a sympathetic look and said, "Sorry not my rules." She shook her shoulders and went to her desk.

"At least you've got Harry at lunch." Louis said pretty loudly. I was laughing in my head. I heard her laugh. That made me smile. Her laugh sounds like angels singing. Well, then Mr Styles you've got yourself company in DT.

Claires_Musical_Life has finally published her movella 'Perfect Summer' and i'm co-writing it! Please read it and tell her if you like it. It will help alot. Thanksss for readdinggg :)) Byeeee

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