Alexis Brinley has to move from her home town in Texas to an unfermiliar town in Jersey where she doesn't know anyone but what'll happen when she meets a curly haired, green eyed boy?


2. Chapter 2

I gave him a look as if saying 'what' but he just rolled his eyes and whispered something in the slutty red head's ear what they both laughed at. They did that alot after that. I decided to ignore their childisnes and turned to Liam who had been staring at me. "I love your accent." I said flirting and giggling slightly. "Oh do you now?" He asked smirking and 'I bit my lower lip nodding. My ex boyfriend loved it when I did that so I'm just hoping Liam did too. "You're so hot." He mumbled and I giggled while he turned red once he realised I had heard him. "So are you." I said and he smirked before cupping my cheek and kissing me sweetly, our lips moving in sync. I opened my eyes so slightly no one noticed not that they ever would because they were all in busy conversations but I did see Harry in the corner of my eyes staring at us before taking the red head in his lap and kissing her roughly. But I saw he kept his eyes on me. Soon everyone gave Harry weird looks before following his eyes and seeing he was staring at me. I just rolled my eyes and brought my hand to Liam's neck as I continued to kiss him softly. I smiled and so did Liam before we pulled back. "You're a good kisser ." He whispered in my ear. "So are you." I smiled. The red head kept sending me death glares, scaring the living shit out of me. 

"I gotta use the bathroom." The annoying and slutty red head announced getting up. "Maybe Lexi can come with you." Louis said trying to hold back his laughter while I glared at him. "No thanks. I'm good." The red head said in dishust and I rolled my eyes at her. Once she couldn't hear us anymore Harry turned to me again. Everyone grew silent now. "What's your sisters name?" He asked me smirking. "Sabrina." I said simply. "She's hot." He told me smirking and I glared at him. "Bet she's great in bed too." He added. "Shut up." I snapped and the boys gave him looks as in saying he should act normal. Which he should. "I can't wait to fuck her." He smirked and I was getting angry. "Harry shut the fuck up." I growled. "I'm going to make her scream my name." He said still with that stupid smirk on his face. "Don't do this Harry." Louis warned. "The only thing I'll be doing is her hot sister. She'll love it." He said biting his lower lip and I got up, not caring I hadn't finished my food yet. "You're disgusting." I said loudly but not loud enough to take other people's attention in the restaurant before storming out, the last thing I heard from inside was Liam yelling at Harry. "Why do you always have to do shit like this?!" He growled before coming after me. 

"Lexi!" Liam yelled and I turned around. "Please don't mind Harry he's just being a dick." Liam said and I rolled my eyes as I saw the devil come out. "Jesus. I was just kidding." Harry said in annoyance. "Seriously fuck off." I snapped and continued to walk. I felt a hand grab my arm and I turned around only to bump into Liam's chest. "Please give me another chance. We can go out. Just the two of us. I never should've brought you here when Harry was. Please just give me another chance." Liam said and it was honestly adorable. I pressed my lips against his, kissing him. I opened my eyes for a second and saw Harry storming back into the restaurant. Good. "I just want to go home. Text me, okay?" I asked and Liam nodded. "I can bring you home if you want to." Liam said smiling and I shook my head no. "Oh it's fine. Just go back to your friends. I feel like walking anyways." I told him truthfully and he nodded. "Sure?" He asked and I nodded. "Yes Liam, it's fine." I laughed and he nodded before I walked off and he made his way back inside. 

"I'm home!" I sang before closing the front door behind me. "How was it, sweety?" Mom asked and I shrugged. "It was fine until Harry decided to ruin it." I sighed. "Wait you went out for dinner with Harry?" Sabrina said suddenly interested. "He's a friend of Liam's. I was so close to punching him in the throat."  groaned. "But I'm really tired. I'm gonna go to bed okay?" I said and mom nodded. "Goodnight." I smiled before walking upstairs. It was only nine pm but I really was extremely tired. 

Once I took of my clothes, leaving me in my bra and black undies. I tooky bra off and slid on a random black muscle tee before crawling into bed and slowly falling asleep for some reason thinking about the curly haired dick also known as Harry.

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