Alexis Brinley has to move from her home town in Texas to an unfermiliar town in Jersey where she doesn't know anyone but what'll happen when she meets a curly haired, green eyed boy?


1. Chapter 1

I had plans. Me and my friends were going to have fun this senior year since we all were going to study different subjects. Not that that was an option anymore. Once my parents told me we were going to move to some shit hole town in New Jersey I didn't talk to them. I just left the house and made my way towards my best friend Drake's house. We had spent every minute together that week. I had told my boyfriend Drew I was moving and he didn't even think twice about dumping me. He had told me he didn't believe in long distance relationships but I knew he was done with me. 

"Look Lexi. That's out beautifull house." My sister Sabrina told me and I glared at her. Sabrina didn't give two shits about moving. She had graduated collage and still lived with us. She didn't have a job and all she did was party. I wish I could spent my senior year partying but no. My parents decided to move to freaking New Jersey. 

As soon as the car came to a stop I got out and made my way up the stairs emediatly picking a room and laying on the bed for a moment before making my way towards the window where I sat in the window seat and watched how my parents and sister were struggling with boxes but I knew for sure I wasn't going to help them with boxes I never wanted to go here in the first place. I watched as a guy with curly hair and every inch of his arm covered in tattoos, disgusting me. I didn't know what it was about tattoo's but I just absolutely dispized them. I watched as he smirked at my sister before his eyes trailed up to find me staring at him. He smirked and winked at me. I just rolled my eyes and got out of the seat, laying back down on my bed, playing on my phone for about an hour playing flappy bird. 

I groaned in annoyance and got up, deciding to look for a Starbucks or something. I grabbed my phone and a ten dollar bill since it was the smallest I had and made my way downstairs, leaving the house. "Where are you going?" My mom asked and I shrugged. "I'm going into town. Looking for a Starbucks or something." I said annoyed and contnued to walk. 

After thirty minutes I finally found a Starbucks and sighed in relief before making my way inside and standing in line behind a cute boy with short brown hair who looked like David Beckham. I plugged my earphones in my ears and hummed along to my music to catch his attention and soon he turned around. I smiled at him, lip syncing. "I'm Liam." The boy stated and I pulled my earplugs out of my ears. "Lexi." I smiled. "You're new here, right? I don't recall seeing you here before." He said smiling and I nodded. "I just moved here." I said and he nodded. "Liam?" The lady behind the desk asked and Liam turned around sticking his arm up before grabbing the coffee. "I hope to see you around Lexi." Liam smiled before beginning to walk away. He suddenly turned around and walked back to me. "Okay this might be weird since we just met but do you want to go out for dinner with me and my friends tonight?" He asked nervously and I smiled wider. "I'd love to." I smiled and he nodded, taking my phone from my hand and typing something in before his phone buzzed. "I'll pick you up at six, okay?" He asked and I nodded. He awkwardly hugged me goodbye and left Starbucks when the girl called me, telling me my cotton candy frap was ready. I thanked her and left Starbucks, heading home.

I turned a corner, bumping into someone in the process and causing my drink to spill over me. I'm wearing a white shirt. "Fucking watch where you're going!" The boy yelled and I looked up to see it was the boy across the street from me. As he saw me he smirked and I just glared at him. He looked down at my shirt and smirked even more if that's possible. I groaned and went to walk past him when he grabbed my wrist. "What?!" I yelled a little louder then I had excpected. "What's your name love?" He asked and I pulled my arm back roughly. "Lexi." I snapped, rubbing my wrist. "I'm Harry. Wanna come over to my place so we can get to know eachother better." He said seductively and before I knew it I had slapped him across the face. He looked angry and scared me alot but of course I wasn't going to let him see that. "You'll regret that." He growled and I just rolled my eyes and walked towards my house. 

Since it was four I got in the shower and let the warm water relax me. I got out, wrapping a short white towel tightly around my body before making my way into my room, humming a random tune. I realised my curtain was still open and saw Harry perving and looking through my window. I flipped him off before closing my curtains and making my way to my closet where I picked out an outfit.

After I slid on my heels I blowdried my hair and left it in it's normal wavy state. My phone buzzed and I grabbed it to see it was a text from Liam.

From: Liam -
I'm about to leave what's your adress?

I texted him my adress and about fifteen minutes later I got a text saying he was at my front door. I walked down the stairs and my parents and sister gave me confused looks. "I'm going out for dinner with friends." I simply stated and they all nodded awkwardly. "What friends?" Sabrina asked and I rolled my eyes. "None of your damn buisness." I snapped and she rolled her eyes. "I would like to have dinner with the boy across the street." She said biting her lower lip and I rolled my eyes. My sister had always been into bad boys who eventually broke her heart and it's getting really old. "Harry is bad news Sabrina." I simply stated. Sometimes I feel like I'm the older sister. "How do you know his name?" She asked raising an eyebrow. Shit. "I bumped into him and we chatted before I slapped him across the face but I'm going now. Liam's waiting outside." I said and quickly left the house. 

I waved at Liam who smiled and had gotton out of his car. I hugged him and he helped me into his car before jogging over to the other side. "My friends are going to like you." He smiled. "I hope so." I giggled and Liam joined with a chuckle. We soon arrived at the restaurant and Liam helped me out of the car, holding my hand as we made our way inside. 

Liam smiled at people and lead me to a table and my eyes widened slightly as I saw fermiliar brown curls. "Hey guys." Liam smiled and I was pretty shocked Liam hung out with these boys since they all had so many tattoos. Well except for the blonde haired boy. Everyone smiled at me and Harry turned around and looked at me, a smirk playing on his lips. I noticed he had a sllutty looking red head under his arm. Figures. "Guys, this is Lexi. Lexi, these are Zayn, Louis, Niall, Harry, Denise and Perrie." Liam introduced and I waved awkwardly as everyone greeted me. Liam brought me to my seat right across from Harry and Denise. 

I flirted with Liam and giggled alot when I felt eyes on me I turned my head and saw Harry was already staring at me, making me feel quite uncomfortable.

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