Little White Lies

Lane Wilson also known as Blue, which is her stage name. She's the biggest pop star in then whole world. One Direction, the second biggest pop stars. One Directions manager makes one of them date Blue for more fame and hopefully be number 1. But it's a secret that needs to be kept, especially from Blue. And when the contract is over, so is the "dating"


3. Movie Night

Blue's POV

"Let's go" Ryan says. After the dance stuff. I honestly didn't do anything. "Here, can we get your number?" I looked back and saw Harry standing in front and the others behind. "Ya" I pulled out my phone and gave it to Harry, he gave me his. I put, 'Bluetastic🐳🌺💋' eh whatever. And he just out 'Harry' "You're so plain!" I yelled in his face like an idiot. He gave me this confused look on his face and looked down and smiled, "Alright Bluetastic. Talk to you later." I hugged him and the rest. "You're really small." Zayn said. I stuck my middle finger at him and ran onto Ryan's back.

Zayn's POV

"Haha!" Niall said at me. I cracked a smile and said, "she's so bizarre" They nodded in agreement. After we hopped into the car Louis said, "We should have a movie night and invite her over." "That sounds fun!" Niall screams. Gosh can people be quiet for once? "I'll call her" Harry pulls out his phone to call her, he puts if on speaker and it read, 'Bluetastic🐳🌺💋' She's so weird. "Hello!" She yells over the screaming fans. "Hey! We were-" next thing we hear is, "bit- Uhm Hun can I have that back?!" I could totally tell she was about to say bitch. "Thanks Rye Bread… sorry Haz, some bitch took my phone" haha Rye Bread. "Hahahaha, oh ya. We were wondering if you wanted to have a movie!" He screamed over the fans. And soon in guessing she got in the car, because there wasn't much noise. "Fuck ya! I gotta go bonjour!" I laughed. Because she said Hello instead if Bye. "We need to go and get food!" Niall screams and we head off to the store.

Blue's POV

Ya! I'm having a movie night with the boys!! "Can I go to the mall? I need to get some stuff" I asked the limo driver. "Yes ma'am" I smiled to my self and went onto Twitter. I'm proud to say that I have the most followers. Not to brag but I have 52 million. So ya. I tweeted, 'Going shopping' I got instant retweets, comments, likes. Some of the comments made me laugh like, 'Which mall?!?!' 'Can I please come' and 'girl you have the best clothes you need nothing' I followed a few people including the guys. I didn't even know they followed me, wow I'm so nice. I got out after putting on a sweatshirt, beanie, and sunglasses. I only got a few things, from Forever 21 I got a really cute shirt with all the characters from Charlie Brown. And then just plain black short shorts but they were like pajamas, I got some pink sweats from Pink, and then from Nike I got a long sleeve shirt that says Nike in big white letters, and the sign in purple on the bottom, and then a gray short sleeve shirt with an American Flag. I gave a few auto graphs and pictures. I headed out of the mall put in my luck there was a group of girls squealing, and obviously paparazzi's lurking in bushes looking like complete idiots. I took a deep breath. "Ahhhhh! It's her! It's Blue!" I heard people scream. After about 1-2 hours if most people getting autographs I left. When I got home I checked my phone again and if said the address and what time I should be there, which was 6. Alright I got about an hour and a half, coolio. I put my bags on my bed, grabbed my phone, and headed into the bathroom. I put my phone on shuffle and jumped into the shower. After a 45 minute shower I had 45 minutes to get ready. Haha that's funny. I grabbed my new Charlie Brown sweatshirt, well somewhat of a sweatshirt. It didn't have a hood or pockets but whatever. I grabbed my fuzzy black pajamas shorts. My shirt covered most if the shorts but whatever. I looked into my closet for some Uggs. It was either my tall tan ones, short black ones, or my short red ones. I decided with the red because if went with snoopys house. Oh my gosh this outfit is SOOO cute! I need to take a picture. I walked up to my mirror and took a cute pic and posted it on Instagram. I sadly only have 25 million followers, don't get me wrong it's a lot and I'm proud but 25 million less then Twitter. I grabbed my black sunglasses, and a blue beanie. Oh my god!!! This is the cutest outfit in the world!! Ahhhhhh!!! Okay anyways, I hopped into my car and headed off to the boys flat.

Niall's POV

After getting a shit load of chips, candy, and pizza we headed back to the flat. I looked at the time, 5:57! It's almost time! I yelled. "What movies are we going to watch?" Harry asked bringing popcorn and candy into the room. "I was thinking Disney and funny movies. Like we should watch that movie what's it called? Oh yes! Ride Along with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Maybe Ted? Obviously Toy Story. And then Blue can pick one out" Liam suggested. All of us agreed. Louis and Zayn were getting the movies, and Liam and Harry were setting out the food. While I was waiting for Blue. *knock knock* "It's Blue!" I swung open the door and there stood Blue. With a reay cute Charlie Brown shirt, fuzzy black shorts that you could barely see due to her shirt but that's what makes it hotter. And then red Uggs. Not to mention a blue beanie that brung out her eyes. And her hair was in front of her. "Hi!" I screamed as I engulfed her in a famous Horan hug. Even though she was tiny. She swung her legs around my waist, she is so nice it's unbelievable. I put her down, and she was a little lower than my shoulder. Awww! I grabbed her hand and brang her into the movie room. "Heyyy! Everybody gave her a hug, but when Harry came. "Why can't you put your legs on my waist like Niall?" He said while pulling away. "You never asked." He gave her another hug and her legs barely fit around his waist, "alright then!" Liam said and clapped his hands. "We're gonna watch Ride Along, Ted, Toy Story, and you can pick a movie." She nodded her head, "Can we watch Nemo" We laughed at her child ness. "Sure Love" Louis said. We sat down on the large couch, Blue stood there. "Lemme lay across all y'all!" She ran and jump onto our laps. It went me, Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam. She barely reached Louis. "You've got nice legs" Harry said feeling her legs. "Um thanks but get you hands off"

Blue's POV

After we watch all of the movie exempt Finding Nemo, everyone was falling asleep. And me? I'm wide awake!! "Ha! He touched the butt!" I screamed. "What?" Harry said laying up, did I mention I'm laying on the floor with a blanket, 6 coke bottles, and popcorn scattered around? Ugh I'm such a mess. All the boys woke up due to my outburst. "I think it's time I go to bed" Liam said looking at the clock that read 1:32. "Alright! Thanks for inviting me!!" I screamed and started picking up my crap. "You can stay here the night" Harry groggily said. "Na, I should really go" I said honestly not really wanting to stay. Wanna know why? Because I know if I keep doing this, hanging out with them, sleeping at their houses, I would get in some relationship. And I don't want to do that after my last one. It was the worst. I don't even remember why we were fighting about, I think he slept with someone else. I don't know. He ended up punching me in the face. So uhm… I'm not really looking for any relationships. "Please??" Niall whined with his big puppy dog eyes. How the hell am I supposed to say know to that. "Ugh fine. Under one condition" the nodded there head. "I'm not sharing a bed with anyone" they all sighed or cursed. Wow, I honestly don't think I'm all that great. "Alright Blue. O show you a room" I followed him and he lead me into a cute cozy room. "Goodnight!" I screamed. They all came in and gave me a kiss, ummmm… weird! I fell asleep peacefully dreaming about food…

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