Little White Lies

Lane Wilson also known as Blue, which is her stage name. She's the biggest pop star in then whole world. One Direction, the second biggest pop stars. One Directions manager makes one of them date Blue for more fame and hopefully be number 1. But it's a secret that needs to be kept, especially from Blue. And when the contract is over, so is the "dating"


1. Introducing Blue

(Blue is on the cover.)

Hey! My name is Lane Wilson but I'm called Blue, 1. It's my stage name and 2. My eyes are really blue. Anyway! I'm not a stuck up super star like some other ones. I try not to let the fame get to me. I'm like any other teenager girl, I don't go to school but I have school work, I'm obsessed with my phone, twitter, Instagram, and I love twit cams! And uh my life before the fame… well. You'll find out later. My dad and I lost contact about 4 years ago when I became famous. And that's all about me!

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