Little White Lies

Lane Wilson also known as Blue, which is her stage name. She's the biggest pop star in then whole world. One Direction, the second biggest pop stars. One Directions manager makes one of them date Blue for more fame and hopefully be number 1. But it's a secret that needs to be kept, especially from Blue. And when the contract is over, so is the "dating"


5. Interview part 2

Niall's POV

I can't believe her story! She seemed so happy and cheery, but I guess some of her tattoos explain a little. After she was finished with her song, which she sang beautiful, I think she was crying. She basically ran of stage, the guys and I exchanged looks. "I-I feel so bad" Liam said quietly. I feel worse because of the contract, I'm not breaking her heart. I don't care if it ruins my career, I'm not letting anything else hurt her. She looked up for a minute and saw us. She slightly shook her head, wiped a tear, and try to walk past us but I wont let her. I grabbed her wrist, not to hard though, and swung her back around. She looked me in the eyes. The only thing I saw in her eyes were hurt, and fear. I pulled her into hug, not caring at all if I got makeup on my shirt. Her arms wrapped around my waist, and she cried into my chest. I put my arms on her back trying to soothe her. "The limo is in the back. Let's go quickly before the fans get to her" Jimmy said. I nodded my head, "c'mon love we're gonna go home." She pulled away put was still had her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close. Ryan, Jimmy, and a couple other body guards were surrounding us. They opened the door, great! Just great, there were lots of fans. Paparazzi's taking a billion pictures, well were gonna be on the front cover. "Ah it's One Direction!" I heard a couple if people say but I mostly heard fans shouting if Blue was okay. And that's good. I saw a sign that said 'Stay Strong Blue!' Aww that was sweet. They probably made that because of Blue's tattoo. We finally got to the limo. She sighed and scooted to the end, and I of course followed her. "It's ok, shh shh. You cry on me, I'm here." She leaned on my chest again and silently cried, I was just staring at her beauty. I started to sing softly on her ear, and she slowly drifted off right next to me, that's how it's supposed to be.

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