Little White Lies

Lane Wilson also known as Blue, which is her stage name. She's the biggest pop star in then whole world. One Direction, the second biggest pop stars. One Directions manager makes one of them date Blue for more fame and hopefully be number 1. But it's a secret that needs to be kept, especially from Blue. And when the contract is over, so is the "dating"


8. Home

Niall's POV

Holy shit! "Blue!" I screamed and threw my self on the ground. Tons and tons if people were surrounding the scene. I heard sirens. I waved my hand furiously in the air so they could see us. They quickly put her in the van. "Sir are you with her" I nodded and wiped the waterfall of tears. He let me climb in the back and I just… I just couldn't look at her. I can't look at her when she's in pain. I put my head in my hands and waited until we got to the hospital. They jumped out rushing her inside with me following along. I tried coming into the room but they wouldn't let me. I sat in the chairs with my hands in my head crying my heart out. I waited about 30 min until the boys came busting threw the doors. "Niall!" Liam screamed giving me a nice hug. "How did you guys know?" I stuttered out. Harry held his phone up swaying it a bit. I grabbed it and it was already on the news! 'Superstars Blue Wilson saved Niall Horan's life!' Was the heading. I read the little article. 'It seems that Horan and Wilson were out on a date! They were spotted holding hands and smiling. Next thing they know a car came swerving around the corner, Wilson pushes Horan out of the way and gets hit! More news us coming in" I was crying even harder praying she was alright.

*Next Day*

Blue's POV

I woke up felling like shit. I looked around it was a room filled with balloons and cards and chocolate. Wtf. I sat up ignoring the pain, oh great! A cast on my arm and foot, I look gorgeous! Well it's not like i looked any better without it… I sat on the edge if the bed just trying to remember what happened. Oh yes! Haha. I'm such a fool. Oh my god! Is Niall alright? Did I push him out of the way quick enough? Did he still get hit? Did I push him into a stop sign? That would be kinda funny. I looked around for crutches and aha! I reached over grabbed them and putting them under my arms dashing to the door. Even though my ribs hurt. I opened the door to find the guys sleeping. Aww! Their so cute. I looked for my phone but it wasn't in my pocket! Shit! I quietly snuck back in the room and grabbed my phone going back out and taking a quick picture. I got it! Bluetastic! Niall shot his head up I'm guessing he heard my out burst. Well they all did. "BLUE!" Niall screamed tackling me into a hug but made sure I didn't fall. He didn't know that he hurt my ribs like hell. I put a smile on my face trying to hold the pain in. "Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" He asked resting his hands right below my boobs and sides, haha that's funny. Stay focused Blue! "Ya ya I'm good" I said. The guys came and gave me a hug. "Let's get you back in bed" Niall said placing a hand on my back and was followed by the guys. He helped me into bed still looking concerned like crazy. "I'll go get a doctor" Liam said briskly walking out of the door. "Can I go home?" I asked clearly irritated of being trapped in this little room. Well, it was that small. "Sorry babe but we need to see if you're alright to go and paparazzi's, news reporters, and fans outside" Harry said. Niall was rubbing my thigh, he leaned in to whisper something. "I'm r-really sorry Blue. I was s-supposed to protect you. And-and I let you down." He choked out trying not to cry. "Oh Niall! No it's okay. You did nothing." I said wrapping my arms around his neck trying not to hurt him with my baby blue cast. After a few minutes Niall calmed down and the nurse came in. "Hello sweetie." I smiled at her as she looked threw some papers. "You're free to go but be careful alright?" I nodded my head. "You have a broken leg and arm, which the cast will be off in 6 weeks." Oh Bluetastic. "And you have a broken rib which won't fully recover for 1-2 months so unfortunately you can't sing in that time frame" bullshit! "And with that ur free to go" she left the room and Liam handed me a bag with my clothes, nothing much. Black sweats and a red Adidas jumper. And my undergarments. Oh that must of been awkward picking those out. "Thanks!" I walked with the crutches into the bathroom. When I turned around I jumped. Niall was standing right there. "Are you alright? With like changing?" He asked awkwardly running the back of his neck. I thought about that. "Ya I think I am, but can you just turn around and I'll ask if I need anything?" He smiled, "of course" and with that he turned around I set the crutches down and took of my gown. I put on my undergarments. I bent down to put my leg into my sweats but it hurt my rib so I gasped. "Are you ok?" Niall asked very quickly. I don't think I can do this by myself but it'll be awkward. "Urm… I kinda need some help. He turned around. He checked me out. "Woah" he pocked my tummy. "You have a six pack." I slapped his hand off. I grabbed my jumper and pit it on. Ok good! I'm just in my panties and sweatshirt it's better than bra and panties. "Alright! I need help with my pants" he awkwardly slipped them on. I put my hair down and looked in the mirror. "Ugh, I'm so ugly" I whispered. "Blue! No you are not! Your beautiful. You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen." He said staring into my blue eyes with his. "Are you being serious?" I asked in disbelief. He walked closer and held my waist. "I'm being totally serious. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen" I smiled and let a tear slip but he quickly wiped it away. Niall pulled me into a hug. "Thanks" he opened the door for me and I slowly made my way out with Niall's hand on my back. "Be careful Blue. There are like millions if fans" Harry exaggerated a bit but was being serious. They surrounded me until we got out side. There were hundreds of fans screaming my name, asking if I was ok, asking if I could sign something. It was crazy. 6 body guards were surrounding me and the boys so wouldn't get even more hurt. *skipping to the getting to the flat*. Niall carried me up stairs and laid me carefully on the bed. "Oh I'm so tired" I said. "Get some sleep love" he kissed my forehead. "Good night Blue" I drifted off to a slumber.

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