Little White Lies

Lane Wilson also known as Blue, which is her stage name. She's the biggest pop star in then whole world. One Direction, the second biggest pop stars. One Directions manager makes one of them date Blue for more fame and hopefully be number 1. But it's a secret that needs to be kept, especially from Blue. And when the contract is over, so is the "dating"


6. A/N

Hey, this is Dill Pickle. I honestly don't  know what's going on. I guessing I publish this, Chap 6. And ah there's nothing. But now there obviously is. I'm trying to publish chap 7 and it won't let me publish it! It's only a draft. I'm really really sorry! I'm gonna try and try and try to publish it tonight. Thank you everyone! 

XxDill PicklexX 

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