What if...

Alice in Wonderland was a murder story?

If you only know one side of the story?

If all the facts you don't know come together right now?

Alice, Alice, sat at her window
Revenge was what she wanted
Alice, Alice, she went into her kitchen
Revenge was what she wanted
Alice, Alice, opened the cupboard
Revenge was what she wanted
Alice, Alice, heard voices in her head
She went out to the yard, and listened to the voices
And she fell into Wonderland.
Blood is what she got.


3. Through The Door

The room expanded, and what looked like a foot a second ago seemed like a mile now. The sweets were now high in the sky, and it was hopeless of me to reach the 'sweets' now.

Key. You need to find the key.

I looked around the room, trying to find something that looked like a key. I looked up, and saw a key dangling from the roof.

I started up the table. Maybe the sweets will make me larger, to reach the key.

I climbed and climbed, hand after hand trying to get to the top. Suddenly, I felt my hand slip. It kept slipping and slipping until all of a sudden I felt the adrenaline sensation of falling.

"Help!" I screamed, "help me!"

I knew who I was talking to, and thought to myself gultily. I closed my eyes and felt everything go away.


Alice flew through the air, her light blue eyes now a black. Her evil smile was filled with teeth identical to knives.

Her voices had taken over.

She swiftly landed on the table, and struggled to regain control.

"Out!" She screamed, "mine, MINE!" Her voices faded away, slowly and painfully. She fumbled before grabbing the sweet and, as she suspected, grew large. She grabbed the key, and drank the rest of the slimy liquid.

She shrank down, and dragged the key into the door. She jammed it in, determined to prove that she could function without those damned voices.

Bad little girl. Yes, thats what you are. Telling yourself lies makes you a liar...

"Shutup!" She screeched,

'Shutup!' They mimicked, and Alice, with a flick of her wrist, opened the door to Wonderland.

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