What if...

Alice in Wonderland was a murder story?

If you only know one side of the story?

If all the facts you don't know come together right now?

Alice, Alice, sat at her window
Revenge was what she wanted
Alice, Alice, she went into her kitchen
Revenge was what she wanted
Alice, Alice, opened the cupboard
Revenge was what she wanted
Alice, Alice, heard voices in her head
She went out to the yard, and listened to the voices
And she fell into Wonderland.
Blood is what she got.


2. First Glance

I excitedly jumped down the hole, a rush of adrenaline flowing through my blood. I love tht feeling. That rabbit... I suddenly felt a pang of empathy for him. Becoming a mime does not seem fun, neither does-- They stopped me short. Empathy? EMPATHY? Empathy is for people that are cowards. They listen to others. You do NOT listen, and anyone that listens must be punished! Then the screaming started. All of them, screaming in my head. All to familiar. I convulse on the floor, sobbing and holding my head

"GET OUT!" I scream, but instead of stopping, they get louder, and faster. They are no longer in unison, but screaming at different paces and different volume. Then he starts.

"You DESERVE this you brat! You never listen!" He says, then hits me in the head with his empty beer bottle. The voices remind me of what listening means; doing what he wants me to do.

My father.


I finally get to the bottom of the hole, and my feet gently touch the ground. When I get there, a table is set up, with a drink and some sweets. There is also a small little door-- how could I possibly get through that?

Get the drink first.

They tell me, but fear eats me away, and put my hand on the sweet.


They say, silently.




Loud now, and I knew the next one would require punishment. I quickly and shakily snatched the bottle and pushed the slimy liquid down my throat.

"I will NOT be a coward!" I scolded myself, then suddenly, I found myself staring at the bottom of the table.

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