Imagine waking up and finding out that this whole life had been a dream. You have a different life, your someone else...But when the dreams becomes reality, who can you trust?


1. Me


Imagine a world where violence was the answer to everything. Where no power is greater than victory. Mercy, an unforgivable force, a danger that arises from the root of stupidity: Love. To love another is a sign of weakness, a sign of defeat. To announce it to the world is worse...But to announce love is a choice, is it not?...A choice one can make through either complete idiocy or immense bravery. I prefer the latter...


That is my story so far. "All's well that ends well" they say, so if you start of wrong, then you're bound to end wrong...That's me though, Yvette Capulet. The writer of the phrase above had written a book, many,many centuries ago, he lived on the old world a million decades before the war that ended it. He called himself William Shakespeare, the book was called Romeo and Juliet, it was all about love. I dare not write about him and his cursed plays in here, for if it falls into the wrong hands I am done for...But a decade ago when I was only a few years old, my mama and papa would whisper me the tales of Romeo and Juliet for according to them it was all true. They insisted that i know the story of my ancestors, for i am now the last living descendant of the Capulet family.

The rife between the Montague s and the Capulet s still go on, that is how my parents died 

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