A Collection Of Poems

Here are three of my poems: Karma, Impossible Technology and Worst Nightmare...


2. Impossible Technology



They boast about their "new Blackberry" or iPhone,

But it's my Apple Mac that I'm addicted to at home,

The way I'm glued to the screen can't be disguised,

If my eyes "turned square" I wouldn't even be surprised.


I constantly chat to my friends on MSN,

And gasp when my parents use paper and pen,

I go on Garageband, iPhoto and Safari,

Whilst my Dad treasures his ancient Atari.


My computer seems to call my name,

Whether it's to use iTunes or play a lame game,

When homework arrives it's my helping hand,

Even though Answers.com is meant to be banned.


My parent's bought it to "help my education",

Ha. I mostly use it for communication,

And what once, years ago, would have seemed impossible,

Is now technology that's perfectly logical.


So forget your TV,

Forget your Wii,

Forget your PSP,

Forget your MP3,


Forget your 'best toy',

You need the real McCoy,

So use an Apple Mac,

And take that Gameboy back.


Authors note: this is just a weird little poem about technology. Feel free to comment or like :)

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