A Collection Of Poems

Here are three of my poems: Karma, Impossible Technology and Worst Nightmare...


3. A Child's Worst Nightmare


It's in my bedroom again- it only comes at night,

And I have become as hot as the firewood that sizzles in the corner of my room,

The salty tears are trickling down my pale cheeks uncontrollably now,

And although my skin is hot; my blood runs cold.


Its nails are scratching against the floorboard again,

Like the chalk that scrapes mercilessly against the blackboard at school,

My heart seems to want to escape and is pounding against my chest;

It beats like the whip that slashes across my face in the punishment room.


Yet this is worse than school; or even the bullies that lurk inside,

This torture is like a never-ending path to my anguish,

As not even my teacher has eyes that burn through me like fire,

Not even my teacher could make me fear my own shadow,

Because my teacher is merely a human that beats instant obedience into me,


The monster under my bed is messing up my head.


In the darkness of my room it looks like a Yeti,

The murderous monster that haunts the house of Aunt Betty,

Yet d'you know what's most frightening? Can't you see?

The monster is unknown to everyone but me.

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