When in France

Sequel of Love Story.The story continue,After 7 years without seeing Harry ,Rinad is still in love with him . And every time she see him on the t.v,she cries but very happy for him, so what will happen next?????


4. Girls everywhere

Harry's Pov:D

Ok ,so all of us were ready for dinner.......but i was nervous, I know everybody gonna ask why you're nervous ,you're harry styles , the flirt of the band ?......and all your friends are with you in this dinner.well yeah i guess you're right , i am harry styles the flirt of the band......seeeeeeeeeeee , i'm really nervous that i repeat the words i said before again..pfft.

Rinad's Pov ;)

I hate myself,I hate myself,I hate myself.......but i love him.I'm gonna shut up.I screwed up everything,hair: suck, makeup: don't know how to put it.......hey don't laugh at me , i only know how to put mascara and lipstick. Dresses:Don't have much dresses....i only wear casual , Sooooooooooooo i will try and ask yara about that.

Yara's pov

I was putting my finishing line of makeup until i heard Rinad entering my room without knocking....i won't give her the card of my room ever again.

''Yara Yara Yara Yara , help me get ready please'' She yell.Ok , i love helping with fashion so i am gonna help her.''okay , i have the perfect dress for you, Harry gonna drool after you''

(Rinad's dress)

(Yara's dress, she's not that girl)

(Sara's dress)

Yara was done and Sara came to be with us ''Niall texted me saying that he's coming here to take us along with the boys'' sara say.We nod our head in the same time there was a knock on the door.

Harry's pov....

We went to Yara's room cuz the girls were there.When they opened the door , my jaw hits the floor ,The three girls were looking amazing especially Rinad and i think the boys have the same expression as me.The dress was perfectly fit on Rinad's body,Her hair was flawless , i couldn't stop staring at her beauty.

Niall's pov....

Hell , Sara was .....PRETTY..HOT..SEXY..BEAUTIFUL..ADORABLE..CUTE..god she's beautiful. All the boys were staring with an O mouths . I think i'm gonna stare for the next hour.

Liam's pov :*

I can't stop staring at Yara from the moment she came. BUT NOW, i won't try to stop myself cuz i see an angel in the form of a human standing in front of me , but i can't enter a relationship after breaking up with Sophia immediately. That's hard....................

Zayn's pov....


Louis's pov;;;;;;;




Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry ,I didn't update.it's a loooooooong story but here's the update now and i'm thinking of deleting this story cuz no one really love it so please i really need some advises from you.

-Rinad Gamal

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