When in France

Sequel of Love Story.The story continue,After 7 years without seeing Harry ,Rinad is still in love with him . And every time she see him on the t.v,she cries but very happy for him, so what will happen next?????


3. Getting Ready For Dinner

Rinad's p.o.v

I was really happy that me and Harry were back again together, even if it's just as friends. Finally my depressed days have come to and end! We chatted for like 10 minutes and then Niall had a great idea: "I'm hungry, so why don't we go and check-in to our rooms and then go to a fancy restaurant for dinner? As a celebration that we're all together again." "Great idea Niall." I said really excitedly. "Ok then let's go and find our rooms, maybe they're close to each other! Me and the boys are staying in one room anyways." said Harry, who was as happy as I. "Ok let's go! Me, Yara and Rinad are staying in the same room too! Let's go find the rooms!" Sara yelled out. We all went into the elevators and then I asked the boys: "What floor is your room on? ours is on the top floor, I think it's the twelfth." "Ours is on the twelfth floor too!" the boys screamed in unison. So Zayn pressed the button to the twelfth floor and up we went! "Ping!" went the elevator when we finally arrived at our destination. "Our room is the...... 125." Liam read off a sheet of paper. "Our room is......127. Yay!!!!" I screamed in happiness that our rooms were so close. "I'll text you Niall, when we're ready!" Sara yelled as we went off to get ready.      

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