The boy i fell in love with


1. the boy I fell in love with

Hay I'm Louise and I was sitting in lesson and this boy came into my lesson my friend liah said to me Louise look over there he's so hot so I looked up and I saw him I nearly died all the girls in the class was begging it off him they was giving him numbers and facebook names ect But then he came and sat next to me . And he said "hi" I blushed a little and said "hay" omgosh he's so hot but he will never be interested in me so snap out off it Louise he began to speak again witch got me out off thought "so what's your name" he said "Louise and you?" Names "mike " he said there was something about his accent tells me he's not from the UK "where you from mike" "I'm from the USA" he smiled at me "I love your accent what made you come over to this cold damp place " "well my mom said I was to rude and sent me over here to stay with my nan and have my last 2 years in England and I love your accent to " he said while smiling at me oh so he's a bad boy he will never go out with me he likes whoes like them "so Lou u don't mind me calling you that do you ?" " nope I don't mind mikyyy " I said ginning "okay erm after school would you like to go to a cafe with me and get to know me and I can get to no you" he said kind off laughing until he saw my face " who set you up who told you to come an talk to me is this a trap" I said with a sad face he said " no nobody set me up why would you ask such a question hay ma" erm because nobody likes we at this school why would a new hot guy I mean nice guy first come and sit next to me and 2 ask to get to knows this must be a plan or a set up ? " he looked at me shocked for a few seconds then the bell went so I I quickly picked up my things and walked out the class room quicker then ever and not even looking at mike . He followed me I just kept my head straight and didn't act knowledge his presence ! He came right in front off my making me stop " what do you Ayy what do u want" I say "if it's a bet then tell them you have won okay u got me to give u my undies and my v card okay just leave me alone " " listen Louise I sat next to you because u. Are different to the other girls and no it's not a bet it's not a trick whatever I'm just bro nice it's not a crime is it ?" He said " well I guess not" so when do you want to meet for a coca cola " " when ever" " okay after school meet me at the school gates he said I smiled then walked away

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