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6. Six

Monday morning. My alarm went off at 6:45. I proceeded to pat around until I found my phone and managed to snooze my alarm.


"This year you should really think about joining the school new paper or something," my mother said over our school news letter. I frowned.


"No thanks that isn't really my style."


"They have a new head of the club. Young, intelligent and charming, apparently. I thought you would love the opportunity since you are really going for your PE teacher," she sipped at her coffee. Did my mother just throw serious shade at me? I cringed on the inside and helped myself to a mug of coffee and a croissant.


"I will look into it. Sam mentioned something about it, actually."


My mother nodded as if she completely understood me. "Have a good day," she sung as I ran to the beeping car outside. 


"Let's go," Chris threw my bag in the back seat and sped off. I never really liked Chris driving, something about it made me feel like I was going to die.


We arrived at the gates of low self-esteem and walked in. I walked up to Sam and ran the idea of joining the news letter club past her. She nodded and we decided to see the new teacher about it. And that was when I realised that I had something for older men who were teachers. He had piercing blue eyes and blonde/brown hair pushed up. There was a small amount of stubble on his chin.


"Hello," he grinned.


Irish accent. I almost fell over. "Hi I'm here about the news letter club, we really wanted to join you know and write some letters about the news," I rushed.


"Of course, you're the first people to ask. My name is Niall - sorry - Mr Horan," he held his hand out and we shook it. Sam actually snorted when she took his hand in hers and the teacher was left with a confused look. 


"Excuse my friend, she snorts around hot guys. Not that we think you're hot, I mean you are very attractive," I stepped back, closing my mouth. Mr Horan handed us a note about the news letter club. The first meeting was this afternoon after school for an hour. 


As we were walking off Sam snickered to herself. "Here I was thinking we were going to go shopping this afternoon!" she folded the note and we ran back to Gale and Chris to share the news. 


First period we had PE, but not sport. No, it was Sex Ed. I walked into the classroom and Chris patted the seat beside her.


"Alright class, how are we all after our weekends?" Mr Styles smiled sweetly at the class, his dimples showing. Let's get this straight - Mr Horan was handsome, but Harry had my stomach flipping. 


The class replied, saying how good they were. The guys seemed so uninterested in this class, but I had never seen girls so attentive in my whole life. Mr Styles opened the box he had brought with him, placing a few items on the desk. He also took a marker and wrote SEX on the board. I swore I heard moans from some of the students. 


"What do we know about sex?" Mr Styles asked openly. He was honestly asking for girls to throw themselves at him.


"We know that half the class would do it with you," Chris muttered and I snorted quietly which set Chris off giggling, so we were just at the back of the classroom laughing together. 


I stopped laughing and looked up to see Mr Styles with his hands on his hips looking down at us. "I'm sorry, she just said something funny," I whispered, trying to contain my laughter.


"If it was so funny, would you care to share with the class?"


"Oh no, we're good. Sorry about that," I grinned at him. The class was dead silent asides from the silent gasps at the way I was talking to a teacher. But they couldn't see the glint in Mr Styles's eyes, he was secretly loving this.


"Since you seem extremely excited about this topic, how about you come up and assist me."


Chris choked slightly as I headed up to the front. Was Mr Styles even aware of how inappropriate this seemed? I stood beside him, seeing Chris send me a sexual gesture. I flipped her the bird quickly.


"So, what do you know about safe sex? How can people have safe sex?"


"Well, you use contraception or you abstain," I began. 


"Do you think this is a joke?" Mr Styles growled in my ear.


"No, of course not. Having safe sex is very important. You don't want an STI," giggles rose in the classroom and Mr Styles loosened his tie slightly.


"Ms Miller," and then I felt it. His hand went into my back pocket discreetly. "What is abstinence?"


"It means you don't have sex. It's the safest way possible to avoid getting an STI," I sounded like such a goodie two shoes.


"Thank you for that, class, write that down. You can go now," he nodded, making us look cordial in front of everyone. He then squeezed my arse. Like full on gave it a go and I squealed slightly, running to my seat.


Mr Styles didn't acknowledge me for the rest of the lesson and no one suspected a thing. Was this how it was going to be from now on? Him targeting me in class and being able to do it so easily? Maybe I should have ran to the office screaming 'he touched my butt'.


The end of the day came around quicker than I expected and Sam and I sat together alone waiting for Mr Horan to appear. When he did we began brainstorming ideas for the news paper. It had always been a big thing here as well as the weekly news.


"So I was thinking we could do a report on the new music, maybe the sport teams here and list some clubs people can join in the school. We can also do a cartoon sequence, if you want and I was thinking a weekly raffle to win something."


I nodded. Mr Horan certainly was good at planning things. We began straight away - Sam was drawing the cartoon sequence since that was her talent and I was using my writing skills to boast about our football team and how they won the away game. An hour passed and we began packing up.


"Thank you girls, I appreciated the help. Now, Ms Miller, is it? May I talk to you?" 


Sam walked out of the room, winking at me. I knew she would be waiting right outside listening in on our conversation. I stood with my arms crossed in front of Mr Horan.


"About this morning, please do not ever say things like that to a teacher. And let your friend know that too?" he raised an eyebrow.


"Yes, of course. I am so sorry," I smiled curtly before hurrying out. Mr Niall Horan would die if he knew what went down between Mr Styles and I.


Who wanted to bet I would bump into Mr Styles? I did. I waltzed out of the school grounds, departing with Sam at the school driveway.


"You sure you don't want a lift?"


"No, honestly, I'll walk."


"Alright," she hugged me tightly before peeling out of the school car park.


I began walking home, feeling my bag become heavier with every step. Was I dumb? I should have just let Sam drive me, but no, I was stubborn. I thought maybe if Mr Styles saw me walking home he would offer a lift and I could attempt to threaten him for stalking me. It would also prove he was stalking me at that. I couldn't understand whether it was hot or just straight up wrong. Sure, he was attractive, but stalking just creeped me out. And I had seen him almost everywhere, so nothing was going to be ruled out. I was waiting for my unpleasant surprise the whole walk home.


I turned the last corner to my house, observing a familiar car in the driveway. God no, this was certainly not what I meant by an unpleasant surprise. I pelted the last few metres until I reached the front door. Where was he? I fumbled with my keys and shoved the door open aggressively, hearing voices stop in the kitchen. My mother approached me, confused at my actions.


"Scarlett, why do you look like you're doing a drug raid?" 


"Where is he?"


"Hello, Scarlett," a familiar low voice met my ears.


Was this a nightmare? This was seriously a nightmare. I pulled at my hair, feeling a pit of anxiety build up inside of me. My mother looked just as distressed, but was better at hiding it.


"Are you serious? Why is he here?" I hissed, grabbing her and leading her to another room.


"He just stopped by. He wanted to talk so I let him-"


"Mama! Are you seriously doing this to me?"


She shrugged helplessly. "Scarlett, I can't keep ignoring it, okay?"


I couldn't take it. I really couldn't. I wish I never came home, I wish I hadn't even stepped foot inside of this house. I shouldered my bag again, and began heading out.


"Scarlett, where are you going?"


"Just call me if you need, okay?"


"Please," she held onto me, but it wasn't to make me stay. "Stay safe."


I nodded. "Have fun being with dad."




Basically I have decided - after an extremely long time - that I must finish this story as well as 'Bad Boy Styles'. I am aware that there may not be people who still read this, but there have been comments just from a few months ago. 


Nonetheless, I will be finishing these stories just for some closure for myself.


- my-larry-heart


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