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7. Seven

I didn't know where I was going. I just ran, and that's an accomplishment because I don't run. I found myself running down an unfamiliar road and finally let my common sense get the better of me. It was nearing five o'clock, so it was still light outside. I figured I would just head home and call it a day, completely shutting out what was going on at home. 


There should be a bus that came in ten minutes to run me home. I sat down at the bus stop, wondering why on Earth my mother was going back to my father. Honestly, he was such a dick. It didn't make sense, what did he want? He was the rich one, not us, and he was the one who called it off, not us. So he seemed a little sketchy, if I was being honest.




"Oh, Mr Styles, I should have known you would come at this very moment," I said without raising my head. 


Although it was mildly unsettling that Mr Styles was a common presence in my life now, I didn't really mind. I needed someone and I didn't even have enough money to get on the bus. I was kind of praying they'd let me slip.  I didn't look up as his footsteps approached.


"Do you have a seventy cents? I believe I'm short for the bus ticket home."


He bent down, and soon my eyes were forced to meet his. "Scarlett, what are you doing here? Alone."


"Oh, I just had a bit of a stroll. Does it matter, Mr Styles?"


"A little bit, seeing as I saw you basically hurdling down this road."


"Stalking me again?"


He chuckled. "No, I live in that apartment complex, and wild footsteps do catch people's attention."


I looked up at the apartment. It looked extremely modern and lavish, just like his car. God, if he was so rich why was he stuck teaching sex ed and sport to a bunch of sexually frustrated students. I would be all the way in Fiji if I was him. 


"Okay, so then you decided to come talk to me? Maybe I was running for a bus."


He shrugged. "I came to check if you were alright. And you look a bit shaken up."


"If you want to help me, just offer me a lift home as you always do."


"Alright, this way."


Was I stupid to ask that? Probably. I followed Mr Styles cautiously to the complex entrance. He held the door for me and we hopped into a lift. I swear if he pulled some 50 Shades of Grey shit in here I was going to scream. Luckily he stayed still and we both stood in silence listening to the awful elevator music. It stopped at the carpark and we stepped out.


"This way," he took me to a car. 


At first I thought he had the wrong car, then I realised he owned more than one car. Trust. He had an obsession with black, seriously. His other car was a black BMW and it clicked as he unlocked it. Mr Styles held the door open for me and I cautiously sat down. Look, if he was going to pull any freaky shit, now was going to be the time. 


"Are you rich?"


Mr Styles looked at me. "I drive a BMW when my Audi needs to be serviced. Answer that question yourself."


"Whatever. You're also really arrogant and cocky, I guess you can't have it all."


"Why do you always sass me like that?"


I frowned. "I'm not sassing you, I'm just stating the truth."


"Well, if we're stating the truth. You're a bit of a precious princess who needs to suck it up sometimes."


Seriously? A princess who needed to suck it up? I don't think so, I really didn't think so. "Don't give me a fucking drive home, I changed my mind."


A hand caught me from leaving and I knew I should have been scared. I mean for fucks sake, he followed me everywhere I went, was near my house, managed to live just opposite the bus stop I was at... and we were alone in a carpark. I was kind of shitting myself. 


"Let me go."


"No," he tugged me to his chest. I could feel his peppermint breath making my eyes sting. "Tell me why you're out here, I can tell something is wrong."


"I'll tell you why I'm out here if you tell me why you're following me."


He scoffed. "Following you, don't flatter yourself."


"Are you kidding? I see you everywhere. I know you're following me, or at least subtly watching where I go."


He shrugged. "You really think I would spend time flattering you? I think it's just a coincidence I see you places."


"Well, you're not a rapist, are you?"


He chuckled. "No. But I do find something about you very interesting, Scarlett."


Harry opened the passenger door for me and I got in, which was stupid if he was a rapist. Because the number one rule I was taught is not to get into a stranger's car. Oh well, I'd been in his car plenty of times. If anything was going to happen he would have already made his move. Harry walked around to the other side, starting up the engine of his BMW.


"So, tell me what's wrong."


"Oh, my mother just got back with my dad and he was really mean to me and abused me and what not. Typical family life."


He shook his head, his mop of curls flying around. It was kind of cute when that happened.


"That isn't what you call a 'typical family life'. Don't disregard your issues like that."


I sighed, wishing Harry would just drive and drop me home. "You going to move the car, or are we just going to sit with the engine running hoping somehow we poof outside my house?"


"No. I want you to stay with me."


"Sorry, what?" I raised an eyebrow.


"I don't want you going back there. I have a spare room you can use?"


This was mad fucked up. My PE teacher was offering for me to stay in his house? That means he was going to be there when I was sleeping. What if he went all Edward Cullen on me and watched me as I slept? Ew, it freaked me out.


"No, I'm not doing that. That's wrong."


I went to open the door but Harry had locked them. Now it was getting weird.


"It's been wrong this whole time. Scarlett, I know it looks bad, but I promise I mean no harm. I'm worried if you go back he will hurt you."


As much as I wanted to resist, he was right. My father would be staying the night. He would be staying for the rest of my life probably. I didn't want to go back to that, the first thing he would do would be to beat me up, probably. I really had no choice but to stay with Harry.


"You think it's that easy to make me stay with you?" I avoided his green eyes. They'd just suck me in.


"No. But I know I'm right and that will make you stay with me. He will hurt you again, won't he?"


"How do you know so much about my life, huh?"


He shrugged. "I have friends who were victims of abusive parents. And it's kind of a topic we cover in wellbeing," he gave me a lopsided smile.


"Okay, well. If I stayed with you, what would happen?"


"Uh. We'd eat dinner and then spend the night apart?"


Oh. That was...civil. I kind of expected something a little more sexual or whatever Mr Style was.


"Right. So we'll just eat dinner then stay apart?"


He smirked. "Unless you wanted otherwise."




"I mean I love board games. X-box, TV," he laughed. "Don't be dirty."


I slapped his shoulder. "Shut up, you're such a perve."


He shrugged innocently.


"Okay, let's go. But don't try anything funky, Mr Styles," I warned.


He held his hands up in surrender. "I won't. Swear on my life."


I watched as he drew a cross over his muscled chest. The car locks clicked open and Mr Styles stopped the car engine. We went back to the elevator and he pressed the 'up' button. I swear if he tried anything funny I was running away. The stupid elevator music was still playing and I stood in an awkward silence. We arrived and Harry led the way. It scared me how I could picture living here with him. I could picture this as my walk home every afternoon. He was my teacher and that was so wrong.


Harry opened the door, letting me into his home. Now, when I say he lived in luxury, I meant it. There were ceiling-to-floor windows, and a massive kitchen area. It was all open asides from a room which I assumed was the bathroom and spare room. His bed was in one corner neatly made. Jeez this place was lovely. It almost made me forget I was about to stay the night with my teacher.


"Here's your room. Settle in, Scarlett. I'll order dinner soon."


I went into the room and locked the door. This was insane. I felt really sick and faint. I shouldn't be here. My teacher was outside. I didn't know the first thing about him, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to. I guess if I remained in here with the door locked then I would be safe. It would be okay. It was just a night. I was just staying the night.


Who was I kidding? This couldn't possibly end well.






Little update here. Sorry if I don't update frequently, I'm trying. I honestly have no clue where this story is going, but I'll just keep it going until I find something to do with it.


Love you all x

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